By Justin Cox

Killeen Daily Herald

With 12 candidates running for four seats, the horizon seems ripe for controversy in the upcoming Killeen City Council elections.

But unlike the elections at the state level, the city council will not have any runoff elections.

And two of the districts have four candidates filing for the seat.

That means that the candidates will have to distinguish themselves if they want to win.

City Attorney Kathy Davis said the election code simply states that no matter the margin, the candidate with the most votes on election day will take the seat, even if the margin is one vote.

Candidates will have the option of requesting a recount if the percentage is close enough, but there will not be a runoff, unlike the hotly contested District 55 Republican Primary in April of last year.

District 3 is an open seat with the term-limited Mayor Pro Tem Fred Latham completing his time on the council, so that race is seen by many to be the most open.

Several candidates are first-timers as well, though many have run in the past for either state representative, as in the case of Ed Lindsay, or city council, like Dick Young.

Several candidates took part in Tuesday morning's ballot draw to determine how their names would appear on the May ballot.

The order of the ballot is as follows:

District 1:

Kenny Wells

Ed Lindsay

District 2:

Juan Rivera

Dick Young

District 3:

Harold Butchart

John A. Doranski

JoAnn Purser

Bernardine Martin

District 4:

Ralph Cossey

Ernest L. Wilkerson

Keith Gavin

Otis Evans

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