The city of Killeen released the first thread of information in more than two months about the investigation that led to the termination or resignation of four employees in December.

According to a police report released by the city this week, on Sept. 28 a vehicle engine was removed from the Fleet Services Building, located in the 2000 block of Little Nolan Road.

The Killeen Fleet Division is responsible for maintaining all city-owned vehicles.

During a traffic stop around 5:30 p.m. the same day, the Killeen Police Department recovered the engine and began an internal investigation of the fleet services department. The engine was valued at $400.

The city declined to reveal more information about the incident or reveal whether the employees who had been fired were among the suspects in the case.

One week after the incident, on Oct. 5, former Killeen Finance Director Barbara Gonzales, former Fleet Services Director Kim Randall, fleet services technician David Riddle and fleet services technician John Acker were placed on administrative leave.

On Dec. 12, during separate meetings in the city manager’s office, Randall retired, Riddle resigned, and Acker and Gonzales were fired.

Since their terminations, Gonzales and Acker filed appeals with the city’s personnel board of appeals.

The two former employees also hired Austin-based lawyer Bill Aleshire to represent them at the hearings.

“To the best of my knowledge, the incident has nothing to do with either Mrs. Gonzales or Mr. Acker,” Aleshire said Wednesday.

This is the first information the city has released about an investigation, which ended in December.

The Killeen Daily Herald submitted several information requests under the Public Information Act, Texas Government Code, Chapter 552.

The requests were blocked by the city of Killeen pending a ruling by the Texas attorney general.

The city claims the information should remain confidential because of potential litigation.

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The sad part is the real truth will never be heard. The city needs to look in ALL of their departments but that will never happen. You are so right Viktor about the waste within the city.


Ain't no junk engine worth $400...


More litigation in the City of Killeen by ex-employees? Say it isn't so. If there was ever a model for waste within city government Killeen & city cronies would take the cake.

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