Local residents were treated to a block party Thursday night to celebrate the Greater Killeen Free Clinic’s two decades of service to the community.

“We wanted to have a block party to say ‘thank you’ and show how much we appreciate the community,” said Nicole Stalker, marketing intern. “It’s a way to bring everyone together and thank them for their support while having a good time.”

Attendees were treated to free food at the event, live music and free health services such as “ask a doctor” and “ask a pharmacist” along with several other organizations on-hand to provide health tips and information.

“It gives people a chance to come out and ask questions if something is concerning them, or maybe if they can’t get to a doctor to ask about their drugs they can ask the pharmacist,” Stalker said.

Regina Cummings, a Killeen resident, brought her two children, Lanaiya Cummings, 5, and Josiah Brandidge, 2, to the event to take advantage of the free immunizations offered and to have a good time.

“I wanted to come see what was going on, and they said they were doing free immunizations that the kids need for school,” she said. “And it’s something different to do and fun for the kids.”

The Greater Killeen Free Clinic got its start in 1994 to provide health care to people who didn’t have access, said Perk Bearden, board chairman.

Since 1994, Marlene DiLillo, clinic director, said about 55,000 patients have been treated, with the number of patients seen growing annually. In 2013, the clinic saw 3,207 patients.

“This event also creates awareness and lets people know we’re here, and it’s just a fun way to extend our services,” Stalker said.

The clinic, at 718 N. Second St., provides acute care, well women’s care and chronic care.

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