GATESVILLE — Coryell County commissioners Thursday put all the county’s 1,083 votes behind Tax Assessor/Collector Justin Carothers for appointment to the Coryell Central Appraisal District board of directors.

As one of 18 taxing entities eligible to vote for the board, the county, which represents almost 22 percent of the total tax levy in the district, could have spread its allotted votes to any or all of the six candidates vying for five positions.

The other entities, including cities and school districts, will also vote for the board members, with the number of votes determined by the entity’s percentage of the tax levy.

In other action, the commissioners canvassed the votes from the Nov. 5 election.

Carothers, the county’s top election official, said the new countywide voting system, which allows voters to cast ballots at any of 10 vote centers on Election Day regardless of their home precinct, was a big success.

The new requirement of a photo ID was not a problem for voters, Carothers said.

No one was turned away from the polls for not having proper ID, he said, although one prospective voter who did not have proper identification left and did not return, he said.

The would-be voter, a correctional officer, presented a Texas Department of Criminal Justice identification badge, which is not one of the seven approved types of photo ID, Carothers said.

Of the 1,589 voters on Election Day, 582 took a survey that was available at all the voting centers, Carothers said, with 95 percent reflecting “all positive” comments and only 5 percent with “at least one negative response,” usually pertaining to the lack of a paper-ballot option under the new system.

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