By Mason W. Canales

The Cove Herald

Copperas Cove High School seniors will graduate at 7:30 p.m. today at the Bell County Expo Center in Belton.

About 421 students will walk across the stage to collect their diplomas from the Copperas Cove Independent School District. The district's graduation speakers will be the CCISD Superintendent Rose Cameron and Copperas Cove High School Principal Rick Kirkpatrick.

Parents, guardians, families, and friends should arrive long before the start of the event which also will be broadcast live at

For more than 100 of the students, this will be second time for them to cross a stage in about a week for a Copperas Cove graduation tradition.

CCISD held a Senior Awards Night on Aug. 27 at Lea Ledger Auditorium, where the high school recognized seniors for their performance in classes as well as named the scholarships they are receiving for the upcoming year.

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Senior Awards Night

Shandice Adair: German Level 2

Ryan Akam: President's Education Award

Mostafa Al Tameemi: University Interscholastic League, DC Economics, Trustee's Scholarship Award, UIL Academics,

Nicolas Arrisola: University Interscholastic League.

Brandon Barnes: VGD 3 - Problems and Solutions II

Kyle Baughman: Accounting II, University Interscholastic League

Jessica Best: University Interscholastic League

Rebecca Brand: University Interscholastic League

Keyana Brown: Dollars and Sense

Kaitly Browning: Interior Design

Monique Cain: American Citizenship Award

Angelique Campbell: University Interscholastic League

Shelby Campbell: Senior Class President

Alex Chace: Texas Girls Coaches Association

Victoria Charlton: AP Studio 3D Design

William Chasteen: President's Education Award, University Interscholastic League

Maricella Chavez: Texas Girls Coaches Association

Cdt. Lt. Col. Matthew Christiansen: Assocation of the U S Army / Sons of the American Revolution

Katie Cranfill: President's Education Award, Women's Chorale

Raymond Dales: University Interscholastic League

Joshua Davis: University Interscholastic League

Kacie Dieter: Peer Assistance & Leadership, University Interscholastic League

Kiera Dieter: President's Education Award, University Interscholastic League

Alicia Drever: University Interscholastic League

Cody Elenz: Global Business, University Interscholastic League

Briana Evans: Principles of Engineering

Most directed, focused & inquisitive; Methodically goes through projects; exhibits traits of future engineer, President's Education Award

Angela Fabian: University Interscholastic League, BIM II,

Brittany Fholer: President's Education Award

David Foskey: University Interscholastic League

Cdt. 1st Sgt. Melvin Gooden: Military Order of World Wars

Joshua Goody: Wind Ensemble

Kristen Grant: University Interscholastic League, Forensic Science

Jennifer Hakala: University Interscholastic League, President's Education Award, Best All Around - Girl.

Mary Hastings: Web Mastering

Geralyn Helbing: Varsity Cheerleadning

Michael Hoemke: Men's Chorale, English 4

John Horton: Sports & Entertainment Marketing

Axl Huertas-Ortiz: Automotive Technology

Carla Jo Huskins: D.C. U.S. Government, University Interscholastic League

Gabriel Islas: Video Game Design

Cdt. Csm. Pricilla Jaramillo: National Sojourner's Award / American Legion Military Excellence Award

Camille Jaravalero: President's Education Award, English 4 Dual Credit

David Jennings, American Citizenship Award

Charzee Jones: President's Education Award, University Interscholastic League

Nathan Jones: Principles of Business, Marketing and Finance

Taylor Jones: Agriculture Mechanics & Metal Technologies, Civil Engineering and Architecture, Aquatic Science, Marketing Dynamics

Elizabeth Kelley: President's Education Award, AP European History, AP Biology

Latonya Kelly: Horticulture Science

Cory Kilpatrick: Career Preparation II

Dakotah Klepinger: University Interscholastic League

Caroyln Littlefield: Literary Magazine,

Kayleigh Livengood: Advanced Animal Science

Marisa Lopez: U.S. Government, Money Matters

Brooke Lyons: Theatre 3/4

April Maher: Veterinary Medical Applications

Tanya Marr: Academic Excellence

Justin Martinez: American Citizenship Award

Jasmise Martin-Hall: Yearbook 3

Monique McKey: Dance 2, Practicum in Education and Training I

Kara McRoberts: Law Enforcement I

Chantaelle Moffett: President's Education Award, AP Psychology

Taryn Montgomery: Excellence in Journalism

Justin Mullins: Wildlife, Fisheries & Ecology Management

Kuk Mun: University Interscholastic League

Robert Nelson: President's Education Award, University Interscholastic League

Cassandra O'Brien: Bel Canto Choir

April O'Bryan: President's Education Award

Kevin Pattillo: Career Preparation I

MaryMargaret Pelebo: University Interscholastic League

Alexis Pelekai: Painting 3

Lina Perez: President's Education Award, University Interscholastic League

Victoria Price: Fashion Design

Nikole Raab: Culinary Arts

William Randolph: Dawg of the Year

Jarin Rice: President's Education Award, AP Macroeconomics, University Interscholastic League

Juwan Rice: President's Education Award, University Interscholastic League

Ceirra Riley: Yearbook 2

Michael Rodriguez: Theatre Arts 1

Oliver Rodriguez: University Interscholastic League, Telecommunications and Networking

Trey Roehrig: Academic Excellence

LeeAnn Roen: Practicum in Marketing Dynamics I

Cdt. 2nd Lt. Nicol Salimbeni: Daughters of the American Revolution

Alexis Nikole Schulte: Varsity Drill Team

Daniel Scribner: AP 2D Design, Graphic Design & Illustration

Jasmine Simon: Business Management

Briana Sims: University Interscholastic League

Katelyn Starns: Economics, Sociology

Jihyum Stephans: President's Education Award, AP Calculus, Spanish Level 2 Pre-AP, Anatomy and Physiology

Ashlee Stewart: Psychology

Ryan Stout: Human Growth and Development

Shanice Taylor: Dedication

Aaron Toivainen: Foreign Exchange

Caleb Tuiasosopo: University Interscholastic League, Entrepreneurship.

Stephen Twilleager: President's Education Award, AP U.S. Government, Practicum in Health Science I (Pharmacy Tech), Communication Applications - Dual Credit, University Interscholastic League, AP Chemistry, Best All Around - Boy, Trustee's Scholarship Award, CCHS Nominee for National Association of Secondary School Principals Leadership Award

Roxana Vargas-Barroso: JV Drill Team.

Alexandria Watson: President's Education Award,

University Interscholastic League, Human Resources Management

Wesley Watts: University Interscholastic League

Chelsea Webster: Equine Science.

Tiaira West: University Interscholastic League

Brooke Whitener: Health Science, American Citizenship Award

Steven Wilkey: President's Education Award, University Interscholastic League,

Kenya Williams: Lady Dawg of the Year

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