By Jon Schroeder

The Cove Herald

Two stores, one business. That’s the idea for Willie Tart and Greg Moore, who own Cartridge Corner and Extreme Systems, each operating their second store in Copperas Cove.

Cartridge Corner first opened about three years ago in Killeen, at about the same time as Extreme Systems, which started in Harker Heights. Now, the two businesses have a new location — together.

As Moore is quick to point out, the combined business is built on twenty-five years of combined experience, so even through the location is new, the business is not.

Cartridge Corner runs the printer side of the operation, refilling old printer cartridges and selling “premium compatible” cartridges, cheaper, off-brand ink cartridges which work with Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson and Lexmark printers.

For businesses which use Cartridge Corner services, the company also provides printer support and free cartridge delivery.

For the city and for nonprofits, it goes a step further, buying back old printer cartridges to refill.

Whether for individuals, businesses or nonprofits, Tart says the goal is to offer refilled and off-brand cartridges for about half the cost of the equivalent new ones — for laser printer cartridges, which carry more ink, the savings are generally more.

Besides being cheaper than the original cartridges, Tart said the business has another goal: “We will try to refill the cartridge with at least the amount of ink it started with.”

Extreme Systems, which shares the same location in Copperas Cove, is owned by Greg Moore.

He does custom building of both desktop and laptop computers, selling parts and fixing computers as well. Moore also offers computer support services for small businesses, running about $1 per day per computer.

Moore says he shares many of the same business values as his counterpart, and their businesses work well together.

“We share the same principles,” he said, noting that Extreme Systems and Cartridge Corner share an uncommon trait in the computing world: free diagnostic advice.

“We’re trying to focus people on the understanding that to get a professional opinion without having to pay for it,” he said. “So we eliminated that as part of our business plan.”

Moore says that’s a middle-of-the-road approach — he isn’t fixing computers out of a garage, but his company also isn’t a big business that fixes computers by mail. Instead, Moore says the advantage to coming to Extreme Systems is that he can give a professional opinion quickly, without charging for it.

Extreme Systems has one other focus — it will dispose of 100 percent of any electronic waste brought there for free. Helping address problems with electronic waste is a commitment that Cartridge Corner, as well, keeping printer cartridges out of trash cans, but since one old-style computer monitor can contain up to five pounds of mercury and lead, failing to dispose of them properly is “irresponsible,” Moore said.

Both Tart and Moore say the business is more about helping people than making money — it’s what they do, not what they make, that makes their business unique.

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