By Holly Wise

The Cove Herald

Securing a spot in the All-Region band is the grand finale for junior high musicians and 31 Copperas Cove Junior High students were given the honor during the Nov. 6 auditions.

"We just appreciate the kids and how hard they work," CCJH Principal Randy Troub said, also expressing his appreciation to the band teachers and parents.

CCJH Assistant Band Director Jolitha Dominguez said students participate in the competition every year against Lampasas and Killeen middle schools.

"For junior high, this is it," Dominguez said.

The grand finale for accepted students is performing in the All-Region band concert at 4 p.m. Saturday in the Lea Ledger Auditorium at Copperas Cove High School, following a day of rehearsals today.

A total of 12 students made it into the Symphonics Band, 19 made the Concert Band and 14 students are alternates.

The symphonic band members are: Alyssa Dees, Ray Ortega, Trevor Robinson, Millie Badger, Randy Stoneroad, Bradley Thornton, Kirsten Gatewood, Gabriel Gastelo, Gilberto Diaz, Kaycie Gatewood Myanisha Ard and Dante Hart.

Concert band members are: Cassidy Lapierre, Samantha Garrett, Rachelle Allen, Caroline Darling, Mikayla Miller, Marlene Lockridge, Tamarah Milne, Joshua Sharbeno, Dominic Smith, Kymastrie Holmes, Matthew Oliver, Watt Behara, Brandon James, Michael Sumrall, Edward Kunkle, Bailey French, Ciera Colbert, Brandon Bruns and Marcus Brumfield.

The alternates are: Shawnee Agsaoay, Kishan Bhakta, Alejandra Ross, Armari Weems, Daniel Rodriguez, Carlton Jones, Jonathon Garris, Mason Finto, Irving Medina, Rowan Smith, Gabriel Nesler, Peter Hoemke, Katelyn Ranes and Angel Pineiro.

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