By Holly Wise

The Cove Herald

In order to create neighborhood school zones, the Copperas Cove Independent School District board of directors unanimously approved new boundary lines for the district's elementary school attendance zones this week.The new zones have been under board consideration for months but a decision was reached during Tuesday night's board meeting.

The board's decision will create some rearrangement of elementary students from one school to another.

The rezoning is a result of House Creek Elementary School opening this fall and a projected growth of 108 students.

Board members raised concern over 13 students in the Big Valley subdivision who,

according to the proposed zone, would have to be bused past Martin Walker Elementary School to Clements/Parsons Elementary School.

The board agreed to leave the Big Valley area from Farm-to-Market 3046 to the county line in the Martin Walker Elementary School zone.

Martin Walker's capacity is 500 students and it currently serves 392 students.

Two parents from the Skyline Valley subdivision raised concern over their children being moved from Clements/Parsons Elementary School to Williams/Ledger Elementary School.

CCISD Superintendent Rose Cameron told the board the district's goal is to not have to rezone again for a few years.

This is the first rezoning in five years, she said.

The new attendance zone maps are available on CCISD's website.

In recognition of school board appreciation month, Fairview/Miss Jewell Elementary School students presented board members with handmade books. Clements/Parsons and Williams/Ledger students also made the members gifts.

Cameron acknowledged the board's dedication to the district and service on the board.

The board unanimously voted to approve a $148,848.81 reimbursement from the Lehmann Heritage Corporation for the construction of sewer lines and the extension of Courtney Lane.

In 1989, the district and the corporation exchanged two adjacent parcels of property with the agreement that if the corporation sold the property, it would reimburse the district for a portion of the construction cost.

An easement on the property was an item of concern during Monday's workshop session but Cameron told the board Tuesday the sale of the property would not include the easement, which is located behind Hanke Stadium.

The district will submit a class-size-waiver request to the Texas Education Agency for having a teacher-to-student ratio of 23:1 for one fourth-grade section at Clements/Parsons Elementary School. A districtwide survey conducted on Sept. 9 found this section was the only one out of compliance. The limit is 22:1.

The board unanimously elected to retain Lott, Vernon and Co. P.C as the district's 2010- 11 auditor at an estimated cost of $53,900. The company has prepared the district's annual audit for more than 25 years.

House Creek Elementary construction is moving forward, according to a construction update presented to the board. Masonry at the ground level is complete. In progress is the painting of the gymnasium, sheet metal roofing and metal stud framing on the first and second floors.

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