By Mason W. Canales

The Cove Herald

Students, parents and teachers congregated at the Lea Ledger Auditorium Tuesday night to give students some well-earned awards at the annual Copperas Cove High School Awards Night.

"It is an honor to stand here tonight at a school that produces so many good students," Copperas Cove High School Principal Rick Kirkpatrick said, opening the award ceremony for the freshmen, sophomore and junior classes.

More than 120 students were selected by their teachers to receive awards from various classes at the high school.

The awards that the school is giving the students is a chance to be recognized for the hard work they have done all year round in a course, Kirkpatrick said. These students generally are the best in the class.

"It is a chance for them to shine, and also it is an incentive for students that want to be recognized," he said.

Rebekah Wyman, a sophomore, was among those students to take an award home Tuesday night. She received hers for her work in Principles of Arts, A/V Technology, and Communications.

"I love it," she said. "It is so much fun being recognized."

The school really does a good job with the ceremony, Rebekah said. It is an honor to just be here and watch the other students get awards too.

It wasn't Rebekah's first year to receive such an award, her mother Brenda Wyman said. And receiving the first did have a positive affect on Rebekah.

"It is a great opportunity for these kids to shine and it encourages them to try and work even harder next year," Wyman said.

During the ceremony, the principals of each grade level handed out the awards to their students.

Teachers also honored the students as they met their students with a greeting after they crossed the award stage.

The school in previous years also held the ceremony for the senior class, but this year the seniors will be given their own night.

The school has scheduled the senior award night to take place at 6:30 p.m. May 26 at Lea Ledger Auditorium where the will district also will recognize the students for the scholarships they received, Kirkpatrick said.

"Those kids have worked hard for four years and we want that to be as special as it can be for them," he said.

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Student awards

The following freshmen received the following awards:

Chelbi Agnew: University Interscholastic League

Megan Alverson: Art 1

Christopher Bocanegra: American Citizenship Award

Brandon Brooking: Principles of Manufacturing

Justin Davis: Health

Amanda Edwards: Class President

Irene Espinoza: World Geography

Tyler Fox: Algebra 1

Alexa Frazey: Dance 1

Steven Gallups: University Interscholastic League

Kelly Garry: Geometry

Jerret Gosnell: American Citizenship Award

Cassie Hall: American Citizenship Award

Brittany Hausam: Pre-AP Biology

Destiny Henderson: Spanish Level 1, Biology

Johnathan Hoemke: Pre-AP Geometry, Spanish Level 1 Pre-AP, Computer Science - Pre-AP

Marques Keeler: Academic Excellence

Uriah Kilwein: Academic Excellence

Carlos Moreno: German Level 1 - Pre-AP

Austin Moses: Principles of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources

Tyson Rheingans: English 1

Stephanie Southernwood: American Citizenship Award

David Spicer: Pre-AP World Geography. English 1 Pre-AP, Introduction to Engineering Design, University Interscholastic League

Eric Stegmaier: French Level 1

Brian Taft: Physical Education - Boy

Zachary Watts: English 1 GT

The following sophomores received the following awards:

Nicholas Kyle Alexander: Pre-AP Algebra 2, Spanish Level 3 Pre-AP, American Citizenship Award

Christian Bamba Cruz: Pre-AP Geometry

Alexander Bragg: Business Information Management I

Kyle Bush: American Citizenship Award

Cara Campbell: Sophomore Class President

Timothy Fajardo: Concert Band

Kimberly Fayard: PreAP World History, University Interscholastic League (UIL)

Tia French: Teen Leadership

Cdt. Staff Sgt. Jaime Garcia: The Retired Enlisted Award

Dennis Griffin: Technical Theatre

Marriha Hansen: French Level 2, English 2 Pre-AP

Michael Hight: Symphonic Band

Adam Hoemke: Academic Excellence

Jessica Howard: Treble Choir


Gabriel Jackson: Theatre 2

Kariem Johnson: German Level 1

Auranicha Kaewtrakoolchote: Foreign Exchange

Bailey Malo: Geometry, Printmaking 2

Stephanie Masso: Academic Excellence

Darrishia McDaniel: Zip Math

Travis Potter: AP World History

Cdt. Sgt. 1st Class Edward Randlett: Special Forces Award / Military Order of the Purple Heart

Kasey Rivera: JV Cheerleading

Deion Robinson: Principles of Human Services

Kourtney Ross: Sculpture 2, IPC

Anna Salazar: Painting 2

Lindsey Spurlock: American Citizenship Award

Christopher Tiller: World History, Spanish Level 2

Anthony Velarde: English 2

Jessica Vick: English 2 GT, Professional Communications, Pre-AP Chemistry, American Citizenship Award

Rebekah Wyman: Principles of Arts, A/V Technology, and Communications

These juniors won awards in the following:

Ashleigh Andrews: American Citizenship Award.

Matheus Almeda: Foreign Exchange

Ashleigh Andrews: French Level 1 Pre-AP

Fabian Ayala: Math Models

Robert Austin Barker: Broadcast Journalism

Kaitlyn Barrick: UIL Academics

Cassandra Brown: VGD 2 - Problems and Solutions I

Kyle Brunner: Chemistry

Sheri Case: Photo Journalism

Katherine Cavalie: French Level 2 Pre-AP

Angela Cerrillo: Spanish 4 AP

Casey Corp: Newspaper

Alex Corr: Mill and Cabinetmaking Technology

Marius De Graaff: Foreign Exchange

Alicyn Dent: Principles of Health Science

Marisa Dodson: German Level 2 Pre-AP

Meaghan Dorroh: Killeen Daily Herald Award

Christopher Ellis: Touch System Data Entry

Terri Fayard: AP U.S. History: PreAP PreCalculus: Accounting I: PreAP Physics: University Interscholastic League (UIL)

Courtney Glandorf: Physical Education - Girl

Helen Haas: U.S. History

Rebecca Hawkenson: Junior Class President

Kathryn Heiss: Digital Electronics

Cdt. 1st Lt. Jonathan Hole: AMVETS American Military Veterans/Veterans of Foreign Wars

Joel Hopkins: Livestock Production, University Interscholastic League

Meagan Howard-Clouds: Physics

Corey Huffman: Principles of Technology

Cdt. Lt. Con. Jacob Islas: The Knights of Columbus Award, Schottish Rites,

Anna Joseph: Algebra 2

Eric Juarez: American Citizenship Award, UIL Academics

Rashune Knight: Interpersonal Studies

Sierra Kuntz: Digital and Interactive Media.

Jessica Lewis: German Level 3 Pre-AP

Matthew Liberty: Dual Credit PreCalculas, Spanish Level 3, English 3,University Interscholastic League

Chrissa Link: Color guard

Rocky Luna: Academic Excellence

Dakota McCormick: Counseling and Mental Health

Jeannelly Moreno: Dance 3

Elisabeth Myers: Instructional Practice in Education and Training

Paola Nuñez: French Level 3 Pre-AP

Anders Olsen: Foreign Exchange

Jamaal Parham: German Level 4 AP

Dani Parsons: Sculpture 3, American Citizenship Award

Caleb Pase: Computer Programming

Ashley Price: Academic Excellence

Amy Rosenbaum: Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness

Jared Russell: American Citizenship Award

Kerstin Schatz: Foreign Exchange

Dylan Seemann: Draw III

Matthew Shuffler: Small Animal Management

Stephanie Stanley: Theatre Productions

Caleb Swartz: DC U.S. History

Jeremiah Thornton: Video Technology

Cdt. 2nd Lt. Matthew Vandenboomen: American Legion Scholastic Excellence Award/Daedalian Achievement Award

Wismary Vazquez: Creative Writing.

Khadijah Ware: German Level 3, English 3 AP

Ryan White: Draw II:

Sharon White: PreCalculus )

Mariah Wolschleger: Principles of Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security

Kira Wright: English 3 Dual Credit

Krista Yarbrough: French Level 3

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