By Jon Schroeder

The Cove Herald

At this Saturday’s installment of Music at the Gap, the three-time Grammy nominated band Trout Fishing in America will take the stage.

But this week is different. While Music at the Gap often comes in the form of a children’s concert, it doesn’t usually feature both a children’s concert and an adult show the same day. This year, organizers hoped for two concerts specifically for children, and Saturday’s will be the second of the season.

For Trout Fishing in America, which has released eight children’s CDs and six folk/rock albums, playing two separate concerts in Copperas Cove seems natural. So at 11 a.m., band members Keith Grimwood and Ezra Idlet will teach kids some of their songs at the Ogletree Gap Pavilion, returning in the evening for another concert.

At the adult concert, TFIA will serve as its own opening act, playing two sets (the first starts at 7 p.m.). Both concerts are free and open to the public.

Francie Charles, resource development director for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Texas, said the band is all-inclusive.

“They’re the show,” she said, adding the duo sounds onstage like a five-piece band. Charles has seen the band perform children’s shows before in Arkansas. Grimwood and Idlet also performed in Kerrville in 2005, according to promotional materials.

Charles said hot dogs and other refreshments will be available free for kids at the first show, adding that adults will also enjoy TFIA’s act aimed at kids.

The name of the band comes from Richard Brautigan’s book of the same name (Marner Books, 1967). They have enjoyed success playing in many different kinds of venues, singing many types of songs. In one of their songs, called “Day Care Blues,” Grimwood sings about two venues in which they recently played: a day care center and a prison. Their act is part comedy; Charles, among many other reviewers, says the group appeals through humor to audiences of all ages.

Idlet and Grimwood both live in Arkansas now, but they met while playing in Houston-based band St. Elmo’s Fire. Like other Music at the Gap bands, TFIA has been active in developing song-writing workshops for students. Helping kids learn creativity through music writing is also a goal of Boys and Girls Clubs, and Charles noted that a music camp for teens is being held this week in Kerrville.

“It’s just to inspire kids to be creative,” she said. “With that creativity comes growth — and usually higher education.”

In an e-mail interview, Idlet said the band has a round-about connection with Copperas Cove. Years ago, Ezra had a girlfriend in Lubbock. When she graduated from college, she was offered a job working as a photographer for a newspaper in Copperas Cove. She also was offered a job as a journalism teacher in Houston. Ezra lived in Houston back then, so he encouraged her to take a job there. Now, they’ve been married for 26 years.

“Who knows what would’ve happened if she had taken the job in Copperas Cove?” he wrote. “Perhaps Trout Fishing in America would be a local band.”

For more information, call the Copperas Cove Boys and Girls Clubs at (254) 547-5578.

Contact Jon Schroeder at or (254) 501-7475.

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