By Mason W. Canales

Killeen Daily Herald

LAMPASAS - It was for the ages, a race of about 10 feet, a race for those who could barely walk.

Six- to 24-month-old children were collected onto a mat on the Lampasas County Courtyard Square Friday morning by their parents as part of the Spring Ho Diaper Derby.

"I don't see any car keys," said Kenny Null, the race's announcer as the first heat started. "I don't think they're going to go."

Then as he announced the race's start, mothers of the 6- to 9-month-old participants started shaking keys, necklaces and other things they knew their children wanted.

Some of the children started to crawl, others didn't.

"I tell you what, these are some good-natured ones," Null said to the audience of more than 200 parents, children and onlookers. "They are just sitting around relaxing."

Among the winners in the youngest age division was Leon Hernandez, 8 months, of Lampasas.

Hernandez's mother, Brittany, said he had been training for the race for about three months.

"I think he started scooting around at about 5 or 6 months," she said. "I kind of thought he would get distracted; I knew he was a good crawler, but I didn't know he was that good."

While he did win, the race wasn't about placing first, she said. It was more about having fun.

"There is not much that the little kids can do," said Cameron Hernandez, Leon's father.

The Diaper Derby gives them something they can participate in, and it is fun for all the participants and those watching, he said.

"It is a lot of fun," said Deyna Berry, of Beta Mu, which helps conduct the race. "It is a lot of laughs watching the parents."

Every parent tries something different to get their child to cross the finish line, Berry said.

The race also is about the community, tradition and making memories, said Katie Lockhart, the mother of Paxton Lockhart, 23 months, of Lampasas.

Lockhart's eldest, now 7, raced in the Diaper Derby when he was young, and this was Paxton's second year taking to the mat.

Paxton placed third this year, but the veteran racer already had a first-place finish under his Pull-ups from last year.

"It is tradition. It is just fun," Lockhart said. "I think it just brings the community together."

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Diaper Derby Winners

Division 0-9 months

Heat One

First place: Rhett Jones (parents, Charlotte and Jason Jones)

Second place: Arri Sides (parents, Emily and Jesse Sides)

Third place: Anthony Jones (parents, Isabel Jones)

Heat Two

First place: Emerie Greenberg (parents, Lee and Lucy Greenberg)

Second place: Colton Pratt (parents, Stacy and Brandon Pratt)

Third place: Kynlee White (parents, Michelle Carrott)

Heat Three

First place: Leon Hernandez (parents, Brittany and Cameron Hernandez)

Second place: Nate Walker (parents, Jennifer and Sam Walker)

Third place: Mattie McBeth (parents, Amanda and John McBeth)

Heat Four

First place: Nicholai Sulak (parents, Trisha Sulak)

Second place: Jael Cox (parents, Jesse and Jana Cox)

Third place: Greyson Chapa (parents, Marcy and Tracie Chapa)

Division 10-12 months

Heat One

First place: Kayleigh Berget (parents, Whitney Berget)

Second place: Karsen Ibarra (parents, Kelsey and Robert Ibarra)

Third place: Maija Clebenger (parents, Mare Clevenger)

Heat Two

First place: Stockton Jarboe (parents, Melanie and Brant Jarboe)

Second place: Joleigh Torres (parents, Stephani and Robert Torres)

Third place: Randon Thorp (parents, Randy and Joni Thorp)

Heat Three

First place: Cason Morton (parents, Kelly and Stephen Morton)

Second place: Vivien Martin (Lee and Tammy Martin)

Third place: Kimber Raye Vickery (parents, Chris and Stephanie Vickery)

Division 13-15 months

Heat One

First place: Augustis Rhymes (parents, Jennifer and James Rhymes)

Second place: Olivia Bond (parents, James and Vikki Bond)

Third place: Jacoby Perez (parents, Felicia Perez and David Perez)

Heat Two

First place: Corban Menefee (parents, Ryan and Melissa Menefee)

Second place: Jake Smothers (parents, John and Stephanie Smothers)

Third place: Sutton Young (parents, Courtney and Monty Young)

Division 16-19 months

Heat One

First place: Kari Kepler (parents, Chad and Kori Kepler)

Second place: Isaac White (parents, Robyn and William White)

Third place: Paxton Davidson (parents, Brian and Casey Davidson)

Heat Two

First place: Bayley Destreich (parents, Rustin and Blaine Destreich)

Second place: Lily Olivarez (parents, Emilio and Mary Olivarez)

Third place: Zachary Sass (parents, Kenny and Lachell Sass)

Heat Three

First place: Khali Castaneda (parents, Chris and Monica Castaneda)

Second place: Brynnley Chappell (parents, Dustin and Jennifer Chappell)

Third place: Kord Bumpus (parents, Jaci and Ron Bumpus)

Division 20-24 months

Heat One

First place: Cameron Mays, (parents, Heather Mays)

Second place: August Kuehne (parents, Mark and Jessica Kuehne)

Third place: Haley Magilke (parents, Stetson and Ericka Magilke)

Heat Two

First place: Jaton Saucedo (parents, J.P. and Sammy Saucedo)

Second place: Khiyo Connor (parents, Vanessa and Thomas Connor)

Third place: Paxton Lockhart (parents, Katie Lockhart)

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