Bands battle at Fort Hood Harley Davidson

Heights Herald/TJ MAXWELL - Wally West of the band Wally West and Them Lostbound Souls listens to music during the Battle of the Bands contest at Fort Hood Harley-Davidson in Harker Heights Saturday. - - -

By Rebecca Rose

Harker Heights Herald

Central Texas Expressway was filled with two iconic sounds on Saturday: the classic roar of Harley-Davidson engines and the unmistakable sounds of rock music.

Live and loud, area bands gathered in the parking lot of Fort Hood Harley-Davidson to "battle" for the top prize of $300.

They included Andy Sixkiller, Jake Marlin and The Mercenaries, Wally West and Them Lostbound Souls and 7 Years Today. All of them are staples of Killeen's ever-growing local music scene.

Andrea Thompson is co-owner of Joker's Icehouse, one of the sponsors of the day's events.

"I'm not a judge, but my favorite is 7 Years Today," she said. "Everyone's having a great time, coming out and listening to live music. A lot of people just come to sit and relax and listen to good music."

Kenneth Benoit, from event sponsor Bones Cracked Ribs Barbecue, picked Andy Sixkiller as his favorite performer of the day.

"They were all very good, it was a good competition. I heard some really good bands out there," he said.

At the end of the competition, 7 Years Today took the top spot, with Jake and the Mercenaries placing second. But for members of the competing bands, the day was less about competing and more about having a chance to perform with friends.

"A lot of times, when we're playing shows, we don't have time to hang out and chill between sets," said Mylon English, lead singer of 7 Years Today. "This was all day where we could sit back and hang out."

Wally West of Wally West and Them Lostbound Souls said the bands had a competitive spirit, but that it was all in good fun.

"It's not really a competition. We're friends with all the bands that played today. We don't often get time to play on the same bill with everybody," he said. "So something like this is a lot of fun for us."

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