By Mason W. Canales

Harker Heights Herald

His job may be to clean, but Leon Wilder makes Harker Heights shine.

The city named Wilder, a member of the Parks and Recreation custodial crew, as Employee of the Quarter on Oct. 12.

Wilder started with the city in 2006 as a light equipment operator for Parks and Recreation before taking a leave of absence. In 2008, he came back to work for the city as a member of the custodial crew. He maintains the appearance of the Library and Activities Center.

But Wilder goes "way above and beyond" his job duties, Activities Center Coordinator Heather Cox said.

"Whenever there is a need for something, he is the first guy to raise a hand," Parks and Recreation Director Jerry Bark said. "Finding people like Leon is few and far between."

Wilder will show people around the Activities Center when Cox is not available, Bark said. He is always willing to drive for the seniors program on various field trips and he greets every person who walks into the Library and Activities Center.

Wilder's greetings show that he is a true gentleman, Cox said.

"He is one of those old-fashioned gentlemen," Library Clerk Rose Ramon said. "Old ladies will come into the library, and he will meet them at the door and take their books for them. He will then hold the door and walk them in."

His greetings aren't the only things for which people may recognize him, Bark said.

"Everyone knows about Leon, his smile and his professionalism," Bark said.

When Wilder smiles at someone, you can see just how nice of a person he is, Ramon said.

"His smile is genuine, and it is true genuine warmth," Ramon said. "You can smile at people, but his makes you feel welcome."

Wilder's work ethic is something the city takes pride in, Cox said.

"He is going that extra mile to make things look good," Cox said. "And his main goal is to make sure people come to Harker Height and enjoy the facilities we have."

When he is a team leader, he is always driving his teammates to do their best through his own work ethic, Bark said.

"He leads by example and that is probably the most important thing," Bark said. "He is always putting out a good product."

Wilder was nominated by his peers to be the Employee of the Quarter.

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