By Krista M. Madkins

Harker Heights Herald

Senior citizens had an opportunity to enjoy their downtime Monday during a clay pot painting class at the activities center.

"We've already done our raising of our children and work, so now it's time for our fun," said Marilyn Blankinship, a class participant.

The class, led by Suzanne Jones, is a continuation from a class taught in December. Participants met to create a two-pot clay version of a bird bath, using a clay pot and saucer as basic building blocks.

The first part of the class focused on preparing the surfaces for the weather they would endure outside, which will allow for the collection of water.

"You want to seal them but you want to be careful where you seal them because if you do it everywhere the paint won't stay," said Jones.

Jones explained they should seal the clay pot on the inside as well as the edges and the outside of the saucer. This would keep the clay from absorbing the water, she said.

Picking patterns

Following the weather proofing stage, class members began to select patterns. Blankinship decided on a sea life theme with striped fish and sea weed.

Some of the members already knew where they were going to place their creations.

"We have our bird village, which has several bird feeders so it will probably go there," said Nancy Ross. "We even feed the squirrels."

The class wrapped up for the day with members painting the outside of the bottom pot and inside of the saucer.

Many of the participants plan to finish their pieces Monday as well as put the final varnish on the pieces to seal in their designs.

Jones said they also will choose their next clay pot project, either a crab or a frog.

Those interested in senior activities should call Joyce Mayer at (254) 554-2674 or email

Contact Krista M. Madkins at or (254) 501-7568.

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