By Sonya Campbell

Harker Heights Herald

SALADO - Wickedly inviting fairy tales will come to life Saturday and Sunday when Salado's Tablerock Walking Trail transforms into a living, breathing fright trail from 7:30 to 10 p.m.

Visitors young and old will be guided on 30-minute tours of 18 scenes straight out of the pages of the classics, among them Grimm's Fairy Tales.

A guide will share facts about the authors of the tales before unveiling re-enactments from Macbeth, The Invisible Man, Dracula, Frankenstein and The Mummy's Curse.

Along the trail, travelers will be introduced to characters from Alice in Wonderland, Billy Goat Gruff and the troll who guards the bridge, Dorothy and the Wicked Witch, as well as elves and blithe spirits.

Jackie Mills, who serves as vice president of Tablerock's Goodnight Amphitheater, founded the fright trail 10 years ago.

She said she put a Salado High School graduate and a 15-year-old student who has assisted with the fright trail for several years in charge of the trail this year so they could gain experience and learn how to handle challenges that arise.

Preparations for this weekend's event began last year.

Assisting in the effort were teachers from Baylor, Salado, Belton and Ellison High, "and others from all over," Mills said.

About 60 people, including Baylor drama students, portray characters from the various classic tales. The actors range in age from 5 to 80.

"All ages are working there. All ages are planning things," Mills said.

The cast will portray such notorious characters as Dracula and his bride, the Headless Horseman and Three Weird Sisters from Shakespeare's play MacBeth.

A werewolf and Rumpelstiltskin also are prepared to leap into action.

Mills described the fright trail as entertainment mixed with little bits of information to add an educational component. She acknowledged a few younger children have shied away from the tour.

'It's really not scary but the kids scare themselves," she said, noting the scenes change from year to year.

The Fright Trail is an annual fundraiser for the amphitheater.

"Everything Tablerock makes goes back into Tablerock," Mills said.

Proceeds from this year's event will help pay for the construction of restroom facilities, concessions, and a sound and light booth.

Admission is $5 per adult and $3 per child.

Costumes are welcome.

Snack, drinks and "smelling salts" will be available at the concession stand, Mills said.

Tablerock Walking Trail is located at 409 Royal Street, three blocks from downtown Salado.

For more information, call the amphitheater at (254) 947-9205, e-mail or visit online at

Contact Sonya Campbell at or (254) 501-7557.

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