By Mason W. Canales

Killeen Daily Herald

LAMPASAS - A local band of high schoolers will showcase classic rock as it represents Lampasas County at an area Future Farmers of America and a state 4-H competition.

The Lometa Sound - Ty Pauly, drums; Gunner Bradley, bass; Colt Maldonado, guitar; and Justis Alaniz, guitar - is taking its music out of Lampasas to an area FFA talent contest in Seguin on Tuesday. That show may be followed by a state FFA competition June 14 in Lubbock and the state 4-H competition June 16 in College Station.

"I think this one of the coolest things that I have ever done," Gunner, 15, said. "A lot of time we are thinking about how nice it would be to play… up on that state stage."

The band started playing together about a year and a half ago when the four friends, three of which are currently high school freshmen, all picked up different instruments and started playing, said Wendell Bradley, Gunner's father. They decided to form a band and to play at the FFA regional competition that year, and they were decent.

Since then, the group practiced a little more on their own and really had group practices take off in January, said Bill Pauly, Ty's father.

"When they get real close to a competition, or what have you, they practice about three times a week," Pauly said.

The practices paid off for the group and their advancement to area in FFA shows that, Bradley said. They won district and will be competing against seven other bands in the area competition.

"They wanted to have a little better showing this year for the FFA talent show, and they did very well," he said.

For the band members, it is not all about just placing at a competition.

"I just really like playing and listening to the music and being able to go and sit down and play along with my best friends and have fun," Ty said. "I always hope that we are improving and everyone says that we sound really good and I hope that is the case. We practice really hard so we can sound really good."

Being on a stage surrounded by his friends and performing is one of the nicest parts about being in the band, Gunner said.

Playing in the band is also teaching them some great life lessons, Bradley and Pauly said.

They are learning about teamwork and getting along with other people, Bradley said.

"I think it teaches them that you have to work for what you want," Pauly said. "I think it is a lot like stock showing, and that it teaches you that you are not always going to get what you want in life."

The competition pieces aren't the only shows that the Lometa Sound will play this summer.

The band will perform at Spring Ho in Lampasas and will play gigs with Jordan Cummings, a local Lampasas artist.

"I really can't wait," Ty said. "I really just love playing and I just want more and more gigs to go play because it is so much fun."

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