Bight-eyed, bushy-tailed competitors from all over the United States gathered at Killeen Special Events Center on Saturday for the Mid-Texas Rabbit Breeders Association annual rabbit show and competition.

This year the competition, which included a youth and open division, saw more than 1,595 entries across a number of different rabbit breeds. Entries are judged against a breed standard, according to Amy Mersiovsky, Mid-Tex RBA’s secretary treasurer.

“There’s a wide variety of breeds out there,” Mersiovsky said. “Today you have everything from a 2.5 pound dwarf to the Flemmish Giants, which can get up to 35 pounds.”

Mersiovsky said the association, based in Belton, has been around since the 1960s or 1970s, and has a total of about 35 active members. Other participants included residents other parts of Texas, as well as competitors from neighboring states such as Oklahoma and Louisiana.

“They come from all over,” Mersiovsky said. “(Rabbit breeding) is a great project, because they are really easy to keep. There are so many breeds; you can always find something that fits in with your living situation.”

Marjorie Procter-Smith, of Corsicana, agreed.

“Rabbits are great because the upkeep is easy, they don’t eat much food and they don’t require a lot of special treatment,” said Procter-Smith, who said she’s been breeding rabbits for more than 20 years. Their size also makes them less of a hassle to transport compared to larger livestock like cattle or horses. From an agricultural perspective, rabbits are efficient meat-producers compared to food and resources they required to raise them, Procter-Smith said. “They are also just a whole lot of fun,” she added. | 254-501-7568

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