More than a year after the termination of Killeen’s animal control manager, former volunteers are once again raising concerns about conditions and practices at the city’s shelter.

Their worries included concerns over the shelter’s cleanliness, as well as reports of the improper euthanasia of two animals.

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To Tell The Truth

Two Commanders caused all this in the last 2 or 3 years... Anything done to them? There was a coverup on the abuse the former shelter manager endured.. I hope she sues the hell out of the police department. One commander treated her and the staff like hell, he had a breakdown and was forced to leave. The next commander Coughfield or something like that is his name took revenge on her when she did NOTHING wrong.. Sad... I used to support police 100% until I heard about this. The Police DO Wrong!!

Proud Mother of an Army Avi8er

Maybe all the concerned citizens should contact Jonathan Okray...he seems to be the only one on the council with any sense...that truly represents the citizens and has a conscience.


“Depending on each employee’s daily commitments, the volume of volunteers available to assist, the number of animals currently being housed, and the volume of feces generated by different animals, this at times becomes a difficult task to keep up with throughout the day,” he said. “Upon review, we reinforced our cleaning policy with all employees, and implemented spot checks throughout the day by supervisory staff to ensure we maintain as clean of an environment as possible.”

If you have supervisory staff then you have people who can clean up feces. You should not use a lack of volunteers as a reason for filth. Sorry, but this all sounds like excuses galore. There is no excuse for filth in a shelter. Period.

The people of Killeen need to contact each and every city council member and mayor to demand that the animals in this shelter be treated humanely. There is no, none, zilch excuse for this kind of treatment.


go to and email or call to express your concern, nothing gets done unless people demand change.


Go to the city of Killeen's website and click City of Killeen, Texas - Mayor and Council

make sure to send them all an email or call to express your concern.


Sounds to me like there needs to be some firing and new hiring going on with a stringent interview. It is horrid to hear about what is going on and the lack of care and concern for the animals.
Trust me, if I could I would adpot more but I am at full capacity at my house.
Also, the Killeen shelter should network with non kill shelters and rescue organizations to reduce the number of animals facing death in their facility.
There are living, breathing and feeling little souls. They know what is going on and the staff should be aware of that. If you have no heart - you need not apply .....


If they truly are concerned for the animals well being then they should commit to being more transparent. Install cameras where the animals are euthanized and housed. This would be a simple means to showing the public that they're doing what's right and are not afraid to show it. Also, don't show me a bunch of numbers on a report, that does not impress me. Neither does just doing the bare minimum. Note the supposed veterinarians opinion did not say that they were going above and beyond. It basically said there doing the bare minimum. Especially, with other allegations of PD and code enforcement skewing their numbers to reflect what they want the public to see. Nothing speaks truth more than video. Therefore, put your efforts where your mouth is.


The fish stinks at the head. Killeen has a problem with horrible city officials who can't delegate job responsibilities by credentials, but instead does it by friendships at the expense of tax payers. Obviously the shelter has poor record keeping as well, if they can't seem to figure out who was present for the 2 animals in question. This will continue until the citizens have had enough.


Why have there always been issues with Killeen Animal Shelter? Maybe it's because the city insists on hiring their own people with their specific, ideal, credentials. Instead, why not hire compassionate, animal people, that have managerial and people skills? When Stacie was fired who do you think trained the others under her? Doesnt it make more since to really clean house and actually get caring, yet authoritative, individuals to run the shelter? They can then train the staff on how to do it right. Sludge runs down hill people, so instead of trying to continually back peddle perhaps a more proactive approach would be best! When people love what they do; for more than just a pay check, things change. Maybe that would solve this never ending issue!


[sad]it would seem the new director is about the same as the last POS


The issues stated above were brought to the attention of Mr.Tucker and Texas Health and Human Services which has a department that overseas animal shelters and they are the ones conducting the inspections. It was not stated so in the article, but they were. George Fox also brings up other items missing in the article.

Proud Mother of an Army Avi8er

Question...when Jerry Hale witnessed the abuse of these dogs being euthanized, did he immediately report it to the police? Word about it spread through the shelter, but did anyone report it?

Who monitors animal shelters...isn't it routine to do so. So then why is it "old" feces covering the floors and walls of the cages present?

It is pure evil for anyone to see abuse and not report it...

Bless the beast and the children for in this world they have no voice...they have no choice.


The issues stated above were brought to the attention of Mr.Tucker and Texas Health and Human Services which has a department that overseas animal shelters and they are the ones conducting the inspections. It was not stated so in the article, but they were. George Fox also brings up other items missing in the article.

George Fox

Three main points missng from this story. Second in command kept his personnel pet at the shelter for up to 6 months and required staff to care for the animal. When Staice Sherva was fired there was a full scale investigation that was over and inch thick. Reading that investigation and conpairing it to this current mess shows about the same leverl of animal abuse by staff yet no investigation. Same people writing statements about Stacie are the same people abusing animals today. Stacie had to go current leaders need to stay with no investigation. I have been involved with the animal shelter for almost 20 years and one thing has never changed. The Killeen Police Department has never been able to run the shelter correctly and It has been hard to believe anything they say. These city animals deserve better then to be abused at the shelter. Citizens need to contact their council and demand an invstigation.


Animal Services should not be under the police department. In my opinion, logically, Animal Services should be under Community Services, or with Code Enforcement.

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