Walmart employees greeted Congressman John Carter as he walked through the Killeen store’s aisles Tuesday.

“We have to find work for the people who need work. I’m all about the people in the 31st District having jobs,” said Carter, R-Round Rock. “Walmart is a job-generating company and they have a track record second-to-none.”

Carter said cities across the nation are passing living-wages laws that require the chain stores to increase their pay up to $4 more an hour than minimum wage. Carter said he hopes Killeen doesn’t change its pay structure for local stores if that means new stores can’t be built.

“The unions are so in control over Washington, D.C., that they are depriving a very needy community of a good store,” Carter said. “That was a dumb decision.”

Robert Banks, manager of Walmarts in Bell, Lampasas, Burnet and Williamson counties, said he has about 3,600 employees in stores throughout his district.

Robert Sykes, store manager for Killeen’s Walmart, said the local chain store is the busiest Walmart in Texas and the thirds busiest Walmart in the country.

“We have such a great group of associates and such great merchandise, we just wanted to show (Carter) what we’re about,” Sykes said. “We’re very proud of our store and proud of our community and what we do for our community.”

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Proud Mother of an Army Avi8er

I sure hope the employees of Walmart were kinder and more helpful than they are to it's customers. The employees do not compare to the smiling and friendly ones on the commercials. I think the managers at the local Walmart should have a class for their employees on how to be polite, pleasant and helpful to customers.

Last week I was at the Harker Heights store and the cashier just stood their after I paid. Not to mention the manager and another cashier standing there talking bs.
It wasn't until I made comment did they help me.
I think the cashiers need to make sure they place the bagged groceries in the carts for the customers. Many elderly customers have a hard time lifting bags.


amen to that

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