By Michelle Guffey

Killeen Daily Herald

BELTON A 29-year-old Copperas Cove man pleaded not guilty Friday to murdering a Killeen apartment manager and to robbing a Killeen convenience store.

Michael Paul Boyd was arraigned in Judge Martha Trudos 264th District Court on a May 9 charge of aggravated robbery and a May 22 charge of capital murder.

According to the arrest affidavit, Nicolette Traylor, an employee at a Mickeys convenience store in Killeen, told police that a man came into the store carrying a sawed-off shotgun and wearing a dark jacket and a scarf covering his face.

Traylor stated that the man pointed the shotgun at her and demanded all the money from the register. After she handed over the money, the man fled the scene.

The affidavit states that on May 11 Sandi Sandoval provided a statement to police that a friend of hers, Lisa Lee Emmons, confessed to her that she had served as a lookout while her boyfriend, Boyd, entered a Mickeys convenience store with a sawed off shotgun and robbed the business.

Killeen police conducted a search of Emmons and Boyds house and reportedly found the black jacket, a pair of black gloves and a black bandanna matching the description of the clothing worn by the suspect.

According to the affidavit, another witness, William White, told police that he had dropped Emmons and Boyd off near the convenience store and confirmed that Boyd was wearing a black jacket and bandanna. White said that Emmons and Boyd called him an hour later to come and pick them up, and when he did, he noticed that Boyd was sweating and was wearing a pair of black gloves. He also overheard them talking about the robbery they had just committed.

On May 22 at The Village West Apartments in Killeen, Kenneth Ray Haney, a 50-year-old part-time apartment manager, was shot multiple times in the complexs office.

In an earlier article, First Assistant District Attorney Murff Bledsoe said that an hour after the shots were heard, Boyd was arrested at another apartment in the same complex where he stayed with friends.

No shell casings or weapons were found at the scene.

On June 8, Boyd was charged and indicted on the murder charge.

He is being held in the Bell County Jail in lieu of a $1 million bond.

In other court action Friday, Judge Trudo sentenced:

n Daniel Lee Hollingsworth, 31, of Belton to five years deferred probation on a May 2, 2004, charge of failure to register as a sex offender.

n Robert Charles Chatman, 37, of Belton to eight months in a state jail on an Oct. 21, 2004, charge of possession of cocaine less than 1 gram.

n Tonya Rose Gugino, 22, of Killeen to 55 days in Bell County Jail on an April 22 charge of criminal trespass.

n Joseph Ray Diskin, 32, of Belton to five years deferred probation on a Jan. 29 charge of retaliation.

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