GATESVILLE — After ridding Coryell County of about 1,000 feral hogs since Aug. 1, commissioners agreed Monday to put another $10,000 into the bounty fund for the Hog Out program.

The county won $15,000 for second place in the state Hog Out grant competition last year, thanks to the success of a program to pay a $10 bounty for each hog killed in Coryell County.

“No doubt, the bounty is the way to go,” Commissioner Don Jones said.

After some wrangling with the Texas Department of Agriculture, Jones persuaded the agency to allow $5,000 of the Hog Out winnings to be used to match the county’s share of the bounty.

The commissioners initially allocated $5,000 to pay the county’s half of the $10 bounty for each pigtail turned in.

In July, Jones predicted the money would be gone by mid-October. But Coryell hog hunters are ahead of schedule — the money was gone by last week.

Because the state has been tardy in making its matching payments, the commissioners court met in special session Friday to allocate an additional $3,000 to the Agriculture Industries Committee, which pays the bounties.

Anticipating more state delays on matching money, the commissioners approved another $10,000 to keep the program going.

Anyone who kills a hog in Coryell County can take the pig’s tail, along with a certificate from the landowner verifying the time and place of the kill, to any feed store in Evant or Gatesville to collect the $10 bounty. The county also pays a $5 incentive bonus for each live hog caught in the county and sold for meat at one of two licensed buying stations.

So far only $20 in incentives has been paid for four live hogs, Jones said. The rest has gone for pigtail bounties. “So that’s 998 dead hogs,” he said.

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