By Mason W. Canales

Killeen Daily Herald

HARKER HEIGHTS – The City Council approved adding a dozen stop signs to city streets and removing one Tuesday.

Most of the added signs are in the area annexed in February. Bell County did not require stop signs at several intersections in the annexed area when the streets were built, Mark Hyde, public works director, said Tuesday.

Public works has already placed the signs in the annexed area but made sure police wouldn't issue citations for running them until after the council approved the signs.

Stops signs were placed on the corners of Flat Rock Cove and Rummel Road, Rummel Road and High Oak Drive, Meadow Circle and High Oak Drive, Flint Oak Drive and Highview Drive, Welch Cove and Lakeside Drive, Orlan Drive and Lakeside Drive, and Magnolia Drive and Shore Line.

The city will also add two stop signs to the intersections of River Rock Trail and Cayuga Drive, as well as

Silver Creek and Diana Lane to make four-way stops.

Councilman John Reider wanted to make sure that when the signs are placed, there is some sort of marker so residents would know they were new.

"When we put this in effect, will we put up little, orange flags to alert drivers?" Reider asked Tuesday.

Signs in the annexed area have had the flags since they have been in place; those flags will be removed, Hyde said. The other signs soon will bear markings, too.

The council approved the removal of a stop sign at Lakeside Drive and Magnolia Drive. But it denied a request by public works officials and the Harker Heights Police Department to remove two stop signs at Silver Creek Drive and Rocky Ridge Trail.

The department "didn't feel like these stop signs met the uniform code for traffic signs," HHPD's Lt. Houston Johnson said Tuesday.

Stop signs aren't supposed to be used as a means to slow traffic, Johnson said.

The roadway curves from Silver Creek Drive to Rocky Ridge Trail and there are no other intersections.

Resident Ronnie Parker pleaded with council members not to remove the two stop signs at Silver Creek and Rocky Ridge.

There have be complaints about people speeding and people tend to walk that street. The removal of the stop signs could make speeding a dangerous problem for walkers, plus it is a 90-degree turn.

"When you come up there, you can't see what is on the other side of the hill," Parker said. "I think those signs are there as a safety concern."

The council agreed with Parker.

The city also placed a 'no parking' sign next to the Mickey's store on Farm-to-Market 2410.

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