KEMPNER — A Kempner couple is looking to annex the rest of a 13-acre tract and subdivide the property to sell already-built homes.

“All the lots are fully developed,” said Randle Jackson, who owns a nearly 14-acre tract of land on Farm-to-Market 2808. “Half of it is in the city limits, and we would like to annex the other half.”

There are about 18 homes on the acreage, all of which are serviced by utilities, Jackson said.

Each home has its own half-acre and has access via a paved road already equipped with proper 911 addressing, Jackson said.

These properties served as rental homes since the first one was built in 1996, said Diana Jackson, Randle Jackson’s wife. Some of the renters are hoping to buy them, and the Jacksons would like to sell the others as renters move out.

The couple, however, can’t sell the homes since the property is not subdivided, meaning the houses are technically on one piece of land.

“This is a 13-acre lot that has 18 houses on it, and they are going to break it down to sell the lots,” said Mayor Gene Isenhour to the council.

Since the land is already developed, the city should only require a final plat, which is marked with surveyed lots, Isenhour said. To annex the property, though, the Jacksons will have to submit a letter to the city requesting that the property enter the city limits, he said.

The Jacksons are already planning on surveying the lot in October and shouldn’t have a problem submitting the annexation request, Randle Jackson said.

Isenhour said the only concern the city could see with subdividing the property is the roadway.

“We will go out and take a look at the road to see what condition it is in,” he said.

The Jacksons said the road is in good condition and offered to add some roadway materials to make it wider.

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The City of Kempner should do it's self a favor and adopt this plan. I am familiar with this street and have been in every house at one time or another. It is a well maintained neighborhood and is served by one of the best roads in Lampasas County.
The Jackson's have maintained this property to the highest standards. Kempner would do well to include them into their domain.

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