COPPERAS COVE — Because of its membership with the Foundation, Copperas Cove’s animal shelter received 75 shirts for dogs designed to decrease anxiety and stress.

Thundershirt Company, founded three years ago, donated the shirts to adoption organizations across the country to help calm dogs in order to increase their chances of finding homes, a news release stated.

“It keeps pressure around them, like a security blanket,” said George Sinner, an animal control officer. “It’s like they’re being held.”

Thundershirts relieve fear of thunder, separation and travel anxiety, hyperactivity, leash pulling and other issues in 80 percent of dogs who wear them, according to the company’s website.

Animal control officers put the shirts on a couple of dogs in the shelter last week and noticed less-frenzied behavior in minutes.

“She’s really calming down,” said officer Stefanie Fisher after fitting a boxer-mix with one of the shirts. “That’s great.”

The 75 shirts donated to Copperas Cove are worth about $2,900, and the shelter hopes to use the shirts to calm animals down during stormy weather. “Dogs experience a lot of stress during storms,” said Fisher.

They would like to let adopted dogs leave with the shirts and have them returned when new owners buy their own.

Each shirt is $39.95, according to the company’s website.

“People spend more than that on junk food,” said Sinner.

Since Thundershirt was founded in 2009, the company has been committed to supporting animal shelters and rescue groups nationwide, said Phil Blizzard, founder of the company, in a release.

“The Foundation does incredible work, and we are proud of this partnership as we continue our mission of bringing relief to the millions of dogs affected by anxiety and fear issues.”

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