COPPERAS COVE — Residents will vote in November on a $7.7 million bond issue that would construct Fire Station 4 on the east end of the city.

The City Council unanimously decided, with two members absent, Tuesday to place the bond issue on the Nov. 5 election ballot.

By doing so, residents will decide the fate of the estimated $6 million facility that will be packaged with another $1.7 million for equipment purchases such as fire trucks.

“During this time between now and the election, we will educate the residents on the financial impact of this station and the need for this facility,” said City Manager Andrea Gardner.

The proposed location for Fire Station 4 is on a 3.8-acre tract of land in the Narrows Technology and Business Park, a 72-acre subdivision the Copperas Cove Economic Corporation is developing. It will be located between Old Copperas Cove Road and the future Charles Tillman Way.

If approved by voters, the facility will be both a fire station and a police substation. It should benefit the businesses in the Narrows and the Five Hills shopping center and the city’s eastern residents.

“We had a fire station location study done a couple of years ago,” Deputy Fire Chief Gary Young said in July. “In that study, it was determined by the consultant that we needed to have a station located in that part of town due to the amount of growth.”

Significant residential growth has occurred in service area of the proposed Station 4, and Central Fire Station, located on Main Street, responds to those emergency calls now.

The new station should allow the city to reduce call times, which will help maintain its current Insurance Service Organization rating of 2.

Cove is in the process of bidding the reconstructing of Fire Station 2 at the corner of Grimes Crossing Road and Avenue B at a cost of about $4.7 million. Residents in Nov. 2012 voted to fund the construction with a bond issuance.

The cost difference in the facility is because of several amenities at Fire Station 4 that Station 2 does not have, Gardner said Tuesday.

“This particular building indicates a police substation but by no means is that a large portion of the building,” she said.

More city staff will work from this facility, causing it to have a larger footprint, Gardner said. The city is including a third apparatus bay, which the city is trying to fund at Station 2. A training room and workout room also were added to this facility.

A workout room was struck from the police station when it was constructed in 2009 and opened in early 2010, so the city is trying to place that in this facility, Gardner said.

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