COPPERAS COVE — It may be late January or early February before a proposed annexation agreement for 300 acres north of the House Creek subdivision is considered by the City Council for approval.

In mid-October, the city was approached with a voluntary annexation agreement by Killeen-based WB Development, which is pursuing the possibility of developing nearly 1,150 lots for homes north of the city, said City Manager Andrea Gardner.

Last week, Gardner asked the council for more time to review the agreement and investigate the cost of supplying the area with city services, and the council agreed.

“Two months is not common to review those types of proposals,” Gardner said.

The city needs to know what type of impact this could have on police and fire services and utilities services, which will likely need to be constructed larger for future development as well, she said.

The city has done no surveying of this land’s build-out because Copperas Cove hasn’t investigated annexation possibilities.

According to a draft of the agreement presented by the developer to the city, the site will need to be provided with sewer and water, which currently is not under the city’s jurisdiction to sell. The rights belong to Kempner Water Supply Corporation.

However, the draft agreement stated, the developer would pay the full cost of purchasing the rights for the city along with paying for 70 percent of the construction of a sewer lift station to service the area.

The property sits within Copperas Cove’s extra-territorial jurisdiction and is regulated by Copperas Cove’s subdivision standards. Without sewer service, lots would need to be at least half an acre in size and have septic tanks, according to city ordinances.

Documentation with the agreement also provided some cost estimates for the construction, which the city also needs time to review, Gardner said.

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