COPPEARAS COVE — The arrest of a Copperas Cove man over an overdue book received national attention after an Austin TV news story went viral on the Internet earlier this week.

Cove officials said the media attention is unnecessary, said Kevin Keller, public information officer for the city.

“This is nothing new. We don’t go out and actively look for people with overdue book library warrants,” he said. “But this is not an isolated incident, and I am not sure why all the light is being shed on this particular case.”

Jory Enck was arrested by Copperas Cove police on Oct. 23 on a 3-year-old warrant for an overdue library book. Police made contact with Enck when officers responded to an unrelated domestic disturbance call and discovered the warrant, said Sgt. Julie Lehmann of the Copperas Cove Police Department.

Enck was in violation of city ordinance Sec. 10-8, which states it is unlawful for a person who has borrowed library material to not return them after 20 days after receiving the first written notice demanding the return.

Copperas Cove does not compile statistics on how much money is saved by recouping library materials belonging to the city.

Keller said the police department has a duty to make an arrest when a warrant is issued.

“We’re not spending tax dollars looking for people with overdue library books,” Keller said.

“But we do take care of the arrest warrants when we run across these people.”

Enck was released on a $200 bond and later returned the book to the library. He could not be reached for comment.

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