COPPERAS COVE — A change in policy within the city’s animal control department will prevent the death of dogs currently on the Copperas Cove’s “banned animal” list.

An internal memo dated Jan. 9 from Deputy Chief Mike Heintzelman to Senior Animal Control Officer David Wellington outlined the policy change.

“Effective immediately, you are able to transfer any breed of dog to an approved rescue organization. This means that Copperas Cove Animal General Orders 3.0 D will not apply to the transfer of Chow Chows, Pitbulls or Rottweilers to approved rescue organizations,” the memo stated.

General Orders 3.0 D required that animals of those three breeds, including puppies, be euthanized upon arrival and were not allowed to be adopted out. Under the new policy, animals will not be euthanized if rescue groups are willing to take them.

Michaela Ramos who operates the rescue, Forever Homes, in Kempner and serves on two animal rescue boards said she will be at the shelter on Tuesday after the holiday to rescue at least one of the pit bulls.

“When I found out that I could help save these animals’ lives, it was absolutely great,” Ramos said.

“I would like to thank the staff and City Council for making this possible. This is a very positive outcome.”

Ramos hopes for continued progress.

“I wish in the near future that the staff would be comfortable adopting out to citizens and that that would be an option, too, so that at least they have more of a chance (to live).”

George Fox who operates Assisi Animal Rescue in Killeen said that his rescue will also pull some of the formerly banned animals, and he also wants to open adoption to residents.

“This is all good news. However, what about the citizens of Cove being able to adopt them? Adoptions should be based on temperment, not on breed. Cove is the only city that does not allow this. Where we could really make a difference is for citizens to be able to adopt. Adoption is the key.”

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