COPPERAS COVE — City officials will start creating focus groups, and have already begun revising communication programs, after reviewing a recent survey about municipal issues.

“Staff has already begun to determine how to further improve communication with our citizens,” said City Manager Andrea Gardner about a survey that was presented to the council and department heads last month.

Each department has been reviewing and updating information available on the city’s websites, but staff also is working on developing a program that showcases city services based on the results from that survey, Gardner said.

The survey, which was conducted over two months, gathered data about city services and issues. It also polled how residents receive their information about the city. More than 551 participated in the survey.

“(The survey) provides the city insight as to citizen expectations and desires,” Gardner said. “It allows staff and the council to determine if greater education is required to ensure citizen expectations aren’t unrealistic and/or it allows staff and council to plan for new policy implementation, project scheduling, etc.”

On a 1 to 10 scale, where 10 denoted residents were most satisfied with the particular city service, nearly all departments ranked above 6. Emergency medical, firefighting and rescue services, library and police services ranked the highest among residents. Their average scores were between 7.3 and 8.2.

City youth activities and sidewalk maintenance scored below 5. Maintenance of sidewalks ranked a 4.7 after an average was taken.

Low scores in some of those programs could be because of a lack of program awareness.

The focus groups will help the city determine whether those services need to be changed or if awareness needs to increase, Gardner said. But since the focus groups have yet be to created, she couldn’t say how valuable the data would be to them.

“At this point, it is too early to know how the committee will utilize the information from the survey,” she said.

The city plans to create the focus groups in November and have the first meeting after the beginning of the new year, Gardner said. Residents interested in participating should contact Kelli Sames at

Contact Mason W. Canales at ​ or (254) 501-7474

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