COPPERAS COVE — District Attorney Dusty Boyd and Copperas Cove Police Chief Tim Molnes addressed the importance of crime victims coordinators and their work during an awareness celebration Tuesday.

“The victims are getting their needs taken care of,” said Molnes, about the two-person office that assists victims throughout the county.

The coordinators help victims with compensation packets, provide judicial support, relay hearing information and ensure victims’ rights are being handled properly, Molnes said.

In Coryell County, the office handles mostly domestic violence, aggravated assault and assault causing bodily injury cases, said Misty Biddick, a Coryell County crime victims’ coordinator.

“As soon as we see an offense report, we start to assist victims,” Biddick said.

Law enforcement needs the ability to focus on the case and continue with their investigations, Boyd said. Coordinators take care of victims and supporting law enforcement officers.

“It takes a big load off of us, so we can attack the case,” Molnes said.

Boyd said it is important that these types of positions stay funded to help crime victims.

It is through the coordinators’ work that “we bring honor to the victims,” he said.

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It would be nice to have vicitms of domestic violence be granted protective orders to prevent an incident from occuring, rather than waiting for something to happen then granting a protective order. I work with domestic violence vicitms and lately it has been difficult to have protective orders granted through the county. Maybe an article on how the lack of protective orders has contributed to the re-victimization of victims, should be included in this piece.

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