Law enforcement have arrest eight people they believe to have been involved in a cocaine ring that operated in Killeen.

Federal, state and local law enforcement arrested suspects believed to have operated a cocaine distribution operation since October.

A grand jury indicted the suspects on various drug-related charges for the alleged possession and attempted distribution of cocaine and “crack” cocaine.

In total, law enforcement seized 756 grams of cocaine, 22 grams of crack cocaine and a little more than 5 pounds of marijuana. The total street value for the drugs is estimated at nearly $94,000, Killeen Police spokeswoman Carroll Smith said.

The suspects are:

— Cornelius Tywarren Wilson, 31

— Christopher Andrew Wilson, 29

— Jamel Azar Singleton, 38

— Jason Eugene Jackson, 30

— Bryant Keith Presley, 28

— Katrie Deshone Simpson, 30

— Michael Anthony Mango, 38

— Walter Chambers, 26

See full story in Saturday's Killeen Daily Herald.

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Mamma Griz

Texas_wild254:: And you don't think that things that you mentioned happen in other cities/towns? Don't you read any paper other than the Killeen Daily Herald?



The wonderful thing about screen names and social media is that you can hide behind a wall. I do read other new papers and news worthy material but we are not talking about other cities. This article is related to an incident that happened in Killeen, TX, not another city, which still does not negate that fact that KPD is a corrupt police force.


[sneaky] I wonder.....KPD and other law enforcement agencies are always making major drug busts in Killeen, they report the drugs and weapons but never the money. So you mean to tell me that you confiscate all of the weapons and drugs and there was not any money found....anywhere on anybody.

Killen is the most corrupt little but big town. Officers sleeping with underage teenages, getting paid off, free willy arrests.

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