Killeen police believe they may have been targets of small home-made bombs.

As police responded to a suspicious item under the overpass at U.S. Highway 190 and Fort Hood Street on Thursday, at least two chlorine bombs made in small water bottles were thrown nearby.

No injuries resulted from the small explosions, and police are investigating the incident as a possible assault on public safety personnel.

Police were quick to distance the incident from any act of terrorism. A news release states the small bombs posed no threat to Fort Hood and were not related to the impending trial of accused Fort Hood shooter Maj. Nidal Hasan.

Officers responded to a suspicious item at the intersection about 8 p.m. Thursday, police spokeswoman Carroll Smith said.

Authorities believed a 5-gallon yellow water jug left sitting under the U.S. 190 bridge was an explosive and called the Fort Hood Explosive Ordinance Detachment.

A Killeen police bomb-sniffing dog did not alert to any presence of explosive materials, and police deemed the water jug safe. They later learned the jug had fallen off the back of a truck earlier in the afternoon, Smith said.

But as police responded, they heard a loud noise initially believed to be a car backfiring. About 10 minutes later, two more loud noises were heard closer to the scene on the south side of the intersection.

Police later found a 20-ounce water bottle containing aluminum foil.

When mixed with chlorine in an air tight container, the foil can create a small explosion.

Police sent the collected water bottle to the Texas Department of Public Safety for analysis.

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