The Palo Alto Middle School eighth-grade science teacher who was removed from his classroom Oct. 12 and banned from the campus took a polygraph test and passed, his attorney said in a news release Thursday.

The teacher, suspected of committing indecency with a child, was "exculpated" by a polygraph examination, meaning the results proved he did nothing wrong, according to attorney Rick Davis of Bryan.

The news release included a copy of the polygraph report, which was administered by Maria Renshaw-Hubbard, a polygraph examiner licensed in Texas. The test was administered Oct. 24.

The teacher’s resume was included and showed he worked for the Killeen Independent School District as teacher, assistant principal and principal since 2003.

KISD officials were unavailable for comment Thursday afternoon.

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My take on this is simple. If this was a case of repeated behaviors, I might find myself believing that he committed this act. But to say that a man would pick ONE child out of hundreds in one school and commit indecent acts with them is not really believable, especially at the cost of a very long career. Kids today know very well how to work our legal system to their benefit... if you don't like a teacher, lie about them and they are gone. How long is it going to be where no one wants to be a teacher because of this?


Polygraph test results are investigatory tools. Such results aren't admissible in a court of law. I THINK I know what the lawyer (who is LICENSED in Texas, verified by checking his/her licensure myself - unlike the Pretend Police Chief, sorry, I got sidetracked) was trying to do. I wonder what KISD will decide? I wonder if law enforcement is investigating the teacher for these allegations?[rolleyes]

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