Erica Brownlee

Erica Brownlee

Attorney Buck Harris has never seen a baby born in a prison. If he has his way, that won’t change anytime soon.

Erica Brownlee, 22, is one of three people charged with the murder of Rocky Wayne Marsh.

Marsh was found dead in a the parking lot of an apartment complex in the 1500 block of Bundrant Drive at 8 p.m. March 7.

Brownlee is also pregnant, and the baby is due in nine days, according to Harris, her attorney.

A special hearing was held in Judge John Gauntt’s 27th District courtroom Thursday, in an attempt to lower her bond amount. It didn’t get done; however, Harris will try again Monday.

She appeared in the courtroom briefly, only for a meeting with Harris. She walked in wearing an orange jumpsuit with her hair pulled back into a bun, as she took a pen from her attorney and signed a few documents. The entire interaction lasted no more than 10 minutes, and she never faced Gauntt.

The pretrial hearing for James Pinkard, 21, and Shamar Lamar Lewis, 17, who are also charged in the murder case, is set for July 13. It wasn’t clarified whether the three suspects will be tried together or separately.

Marsh and Pinkard got into an argument at a convenience store prior to the assault. Pinkard, Lewis and an unidentified minor beat Marsh with a crowbar, handsaw, screwdriver and a small knife and robbed him of his phone, knife, lighter and money, according to the affidavit for arrest.

Police learned this through Brownlee, the affidavit said.

A small handsaw was found in the parking lot by detectives, according to the affidavit, and when Pinkard’s car was later searched, a screwdriver with blood on it was found. There was also bloodstains found in the backseat.

Police identified Pinkard as a person of interest in Marsh’s death through security camera footage that captured the license plate number of his car.

He was pulled over by police in a traffic stop, and Brownlee was in the passenger seat.

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Gary Caraway

I am curious to what her bond is and to what amount her attorney wants it lowered.


Bull bait


Oh hell no, that is a insult to everyone that lives in Dist 1. Many woman carry babies in prisons, there are even prisons programs for pregnate woman that help woman bond with their baby after its born. No excuse for a cold blooded killer like that. She can never come back from killing another human in cold blood. Here is a list of programs maybe if the system cared they will contact one of these programs for her and see if they can do a inmate swap or something!

Dr Strangelove


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