Jenna Scott

Jenna Scott

TEMPLE — A summary autopsy report indicated 28-year-old Jenna Scott of Temple died from homicidal violence.

The report was not specific on what type of violence, but said the injuries are described in the full autopsy report — which was not yet available Wednesday from the Oklahoma Chief Medical Examiner’s office.

Also indicated in the report was that Scott had other significant conditions that contributed to her death but were not a result of the underlying cause. The conditions were not listed, but the manner of death was pinpointed as homicide.

The bodies of Scott and 32-year-old Michael Swearingin, her friend, were located Jan. 14 in a shallow grave on abandoned property near Clearview, Okla.

Swearingin died from asphyxia caused by strangulation, according to a previous summary report received by the Telegram.

Jonathan Scott, Jenna’s father, had a copy of the report Wednesday and briefly discussed it with the Telegram.

“I don’t understand all of the medical terminology, but it appears that Jenna suffered a very violent death,” Jonathan Scott said. “It’s impossible for me to comprehend the level of hatred it takes to commit a crime like this.”

Arrested, charged and indicted for capital murder of multiple persons were Cedric Marks, 44, Scott’s ex-boyfriend, and Maya Renee Maxwell, 26, Marks’ pregnant girlfriend.

Maxwell, who is from Muskegon, Mich., told Temple Police Department investigators she was at a Killeen residence when Marks killed Scott and Swearingin. She admitted she was with Marks when the bodies were transported to Oklahoma and buried, an affidavit said.

According to the affidavit for Maxwell, she said Scott and Swearingin were in separate rooms in the house when Marks went into each one. She said she heard a struggle after he went in and then Marks came out. When she checked the rooms, Scott and Swearingin were dead, Maxwell said.

Maxwell was indicted in March because she said she took Swearingin’s car to Austin to keep law enforcement agencies from finding it, the affidavit said. The charge against her is tampering with physical evidence with the intent to impair, a third-degree felony.

Jenna Scott earlier had a temporary protective order against Marks, but later a permanent one was denied by Bell County Judge Paul LePak. While the temporary order was in place, Marks reportedly broke into Scott’s Temple home while she and her daughter were there and threatened her and her family.

Jenna and Swearingin went missing from Temple on Jan. 3.

Marks was a former mixed martial arts fighter and trainer employed at Title Boxing Club in Killeen. He remains in the Bell County Jail with bonds that total $2,016,500. Maxwell’s bonds total $750,000.

No decision was made Wednesday to seek death penalties or life in prison without parole if Marks and/or Maxwell are convicted of capital murder of multiple suspects, Bell County District Attorney Henry Garza told the Telegram.

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