GATESVILLE — Fourteen inmates in the Coryell County jail accepted plea agreements in June in lieu of contesting charges in court, District Attorney Dusty Boyd announced Thursday.

Rebecca Williams, 33, of Copperas Cove, will serve two years in state prison for delivery of methamphetamines.

Leslie Rollins, 42, of Kempner, will serve a similar sentence on four charges, each with a two-year sentence.

Brandon Goodwin, 31, of Moody, received a six-month sentence in state jail for possession of methamphetamines.

Ervin Harris, 33, of Killeen received two concurrent six-month sentences in state jail for possessing a controlled substance and attempting to tamper with physical evidence.

Friday Roberts, 36, agreed to a six-month sentence in county jail for fraudulently using another’s debit/credit card.

Ashley Shelton, 28, and Calum Anderson, 18, both of Copperas Cove, each entered guilty pleas that include community supervision with placement in a state substance abuse treatment program then release to halfway homes.

Jessica Carpenter, 26, of Gatesville, accepted a six-month state jail sentence after pleading guilty to possessing methamphetamine.

Shaun Thompson, 38, of Copperas Cove, received a two-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to delivery of methamphetamine.

Jason Dowling, 33, of Moody, received a four-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to possessing methamphetamine.

Kelly Rossiter-Stroud, Johnnie Heintzman and Edith Tratt, all of Copperas Cove, received state jail sentences for delivery of methamphetamine. Gary Miles of Copperas Cove, was sentenced to state jail on possession charges.

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