GATESVILLE — The fate of a Copperas Cove man who pleaded guilty to manslaughter will be decided in November.

David Tamuno Tonye Pelebo, 38, pleaded guilty to a manslaughter charge Thursday in the March 23, 2011, death of Maria Andrade, 23.

sentencing set for Nov. 18

Judge Trent Farrell, of the 52nd District Court, is scheduled to make a sentencing decision in the case Nov. 18 after seeing the results of a pre-sentencing investigation, District Attorney Dusty Boyd said.

That investigation will allow the probation department to gather information about the social, economic and criminal history of Pelebo and present it to the judge.

“It is an opportunity for the probation department to make a recommendation on the sentencing,” Boyd said.

Boyd said he is seeking for Pelebo to spend time in state prison, but wouldn’t say how long.

Sentencing for manslaughter can be from two to 20 years.

Officers who responded to the scene the night of the March 2011 incident, after Pelebo called police, found Andrade lying dead on a bed with a gunshot wound to the head, stated an arrest affidavit.

Pelebo originally gave conflicting information to police about the shooting, the affidavit stated. But he admitted to police he accidentally shot Andrade while they were lying in bed with what he believed was an unloaded gun.

Pelebo also is facing other criminal charges, including evading arrest and driving while intoxicated, which occurred after he bonded out of jail after the 2011 shooting.

Those charges are on hold pending the results of the manslaughter incident, because they are lesser charges, Boyd said.

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Good job kdhnews on getting the facts straight.
David is 28 not 38
And her name is Rosanna...not maria.
The sentencing date isn't right either.

Have some respect and get the facts right, this was someone's family member...

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