A man taken into custody after a Thursday night shooting that left one man dead and another injured was released with no charges filed, Killeen police said.

After reviewing the case, Bell County Assistant District Attorney Murff Bledsoe said the man — a resident of the 3600 block of Holbert Drive where the shooting occurred — would not be charged, but the case will be presented directly to a grand jury, which could result in charges.

Jamie Lee Schnider, a 22-year-old Fort Hood soldier, died in the shooting and another 21-year-old unnamed male soldier, who suffered a gunshot wound to his upper torso, remains in stable condition at Scott & White Hospital in Temple, according to Killeen police.

A loud party held at the soldiers’ Holbert Drive home started the chain of arguments that led to the shooting, neighbor Christina Fairley said Friday.

“I hate to see a holiday come because I know what they’re going to do,” Fairley said. “I thought about going over there and telling them myself.”

Fairley, who lives across a cul-du-sac from the soldiers, said she saw a male neighbor cross the street and, using loud, foul language, complain to the soldiers about their party.

The neighbor returned to his home, directly across the street from Fairley. A few minutes later, three men crossed the street, leaving the party to go to her neighbor’s house, she said.

“I looked out my window and see that his garage was still open,” Fairley said. “And then I heard the three shots and saw the man on the ground.”

Killeen Police Department spokeswoman Carroll Smith said a confrontation at the neighbor’s house developed into a physical altercation when one of the males assaulted the neighbor. Shots were fired and two of the three males were hit.

Fairley, who was watching intently from her front window, said she did not see the shooter fire the weapon and did not hear sounds of an altercation before the shots were fired.

“It was devastating,” Fairley said. “I feel bad for both of them, (the neighbor) and the soldiers.”

Including Thursday’s shooting, 10 homicides have been reported in Killeen this year.

Philip Jankowski contributed to this report.

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It would be nice to get an update on this story, since a lot has happened the last few months. The neighbor does not look so innocent anymore, nor does the KPD in the way they handled this investigation.


What is really going on with the young soldiers in this area, I'm not from here nor am I military...but it's weird to see all of the freak accidents and killings amongst the soldiers. My son who is only 11 years old son quoted to me the other day "Mom if I ran the military I would first make sure the soldiers were mentally prepared...then we wouldn't have so much of this" All I could do was keep driving and agree with him. From the mouth of babes.

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Persons story sounds fishy. But why do soilders act like they own Killeen to begin with. I live next door to a soldier and his family and they have parties and the first one got out of control and his guest started acting crazy and ended up damaging my property, well it was going down hill quick, I went in house and got my gun but decided to call the police and luckly they got to the scene before anything bad happened, and now we have put our differences to the side and when they have parties they get quiet no later than 9pm. The moral is no need for solders to mistreat people in this city. My father served in Viet Nam and never acted they way these solders (kids) do and yes kids not men but kids. No respect and it shows how they were raised. Both families suffered.

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Doesn't matter if words were exchanged if someone had a problem with how loud it was the police should have been called. Nobody should have fired a gun I don't care who lives in Texas. Because of this man I lost a brother so thank you to this man for his stupidity and making a family suffer. Also thank you to the neighbors who just stood around to watch and did nothing about it.


Sounds like the woman is saying that every Holiday the 21 year old has loud parties. Thats why she didnt want the Holiday to come that they are disruptive, and thats why she thought shed walk over and say something. It also seems like the man whom fired a shot walked across to express they are being rude and words were exchanged. He goes home and now 3 people are walking in his garage and one hits him thus him firing rounds off. The man orobaly thought he was going to get jumped. Its a sad situation for everyone

UH-1 Air Warrior

Story could use some tightening up. What happened? are we led to believe that it was all one parties fault?

If you knew what was going to happen, or had happened in the past, why weren't the KPD called sooner... If it is loud enough to hear, it is Disturbing the Peace, and KPD could have had a chance to intervene..

Sad for all involved.


So is this article meant to imply that the man shot the 2 soldiers for trespassing in his garage as self defense? And she doesnt want to see a holiday come because she knows what they are going to do? The neighbors fight every holiday? It's a little hard to read this with most of Mrs. Fairley's comments out of context...Can you elaborate further on this story?[huh]

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