Marvin Louis Guy

Marvin Louis Guy, 50, of Killeen

BELTON — Bell County District Attorney Henry Garza announced that he will seek the death penalty against the man accused of killing a Killeen police officer during a shootout in May.

Garza made the announcement in open court, telling 27th District Judge John Gauntt that his office would seek the most severe punishment for Marvin Louis Guy, 49, of Killeen.

Guy is accused of firing on Killeen SWAT officers who were attempting to serve a "no knock" narcotics warrant at his Killeen apartment May 9. According to police reports, Guy fired from inside the home, hitting four officers. One of those officers, Det. Charles "Chuck" Dinwiddie, was hit in the face. He died two days later.

Guy was charged with capital murder in connection with Dinwiddie's death. He was also charged with three counts of attempted capital murder because he fired on the other officers during the shootout, wounding one. Body armor protected the other officers who were hit.

Garza's announcement comes one day after Texas Gov. Rick Perry presented  Dinwiddie's family with the Star of Texas award. The award is given each year to police and other first responders killed or injured in the line of duty.

Judge Gauntt also denied a request by one of Guy's defense team to withdrawal from the case.

Read more in tomorrow's Killeen Daily Herald.

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I read this on Facebook & did not think it was true. After Google search, I can't believe my eyes! Thousands of Americans are outraged that your States Attorney & your Judge would even charge this man. Everyone has a Consitutinal right to defend their home. This No Knock (breaking & entering) is killing people of your State. The other incident of your officers killed I believe a pregnant woman is beyond horrible! Did the Officers face a Death Penalty, Pretty sure Not?

So Officers in Texas have a right to break & enter a residents home, then ran sack it, & then if they don't have enough evidence....steal items, & try to make up a case against a person that isn't drug dealing.
All I have got to say is....I'm glad I don't live in Texas this day and age. And just to think, I was considering moving back to be closer to my relatives, This disgusting Railroading was the icing on the cake!

Scooter Livingston

Guy is Black. Dinwiddie is White.

I;m waiting for Dudley Sharp to chime in with his bloodthirsty plea...

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