Law enforcement arrested eight people they believe were involved in a cocaine ring that operated in Killeen.

Federal, state and local law enforcement officers said the suspects ran a cocaine distribution operation since October.

A grand jury indicted the suspects Tuesday on various drug-related charges for the alleged possession and attempted distribution of cocaine and “crack” cocaine.

In total, law enforcement seized 756 grams of cocaine, 22 grams of “crack” cocaine and a little more than 5 pounds of marijuana. The total street value for the drugs is estimated at nearly $94,000, Killeen police spokeswoman Carroll Smith said Friday.

Five handguns were recovered from locations in Killeen. Law enforcement refuse to identify the locations because of the investigation’s ongoing nature.

Cornelius Tywarren Wilson, 31, Christopher Andrew Wilson, 29, Jamel Azar Singleton, 38, and Jason Eugene Jackson, 30, are each charged with one count of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine and conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute “crack” cocaine.

Bryant Keith Presley, 28, and Katrie Deshone Simpson, 30, are charged with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute “crack” cocaine, while Michael Anthony Mango, 38, is charged with conspiracy with intent to distribute cocaine.

Police arrested all the suspects on Thursday, including 36-year-old Walter Chambers, who was taken into custody after police conducted a search warrant on his home and found cocaine, crack cocaine and a handgun, according to a news release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Each charge carries a possible penalty of five to 40 years in federal prison and a maximum fine of $2 million. All the suspects are in federal custody in Waco.

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Let's see a street value of $94,000 compares to keeping each person in prison for 1 year at the average of about $60,000 give or take a few.

7 x 60,000 = 420,000.

To keep 94,000 worth of drugs off the streets, most all of which was probably going to be used by people in the privacy of their own home we spend probably well over 1/2 million when you factor in the cost of the police time, court time Etc.,

I think the war on drugs is a crime being committed on the people of this nation.

It's be far cheaper to send them all to college to get doctorates as punishment than it is to send them to prison. How pathetic.


Terrific work by KPD, great coverage by KDH. Hopefully this bust makes an impact on the overall drug situation in the greater area.

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