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A jogger was shot Sept. 22 in Long Branch Park in Killeen, and he and his wife are still waiting on updates in the case from police.

“At the time, the officers told us they were under pressure to solve this as quickly and quietly as possible,” said Allyson, the jogger’s wife.

She did not want to reveal her last name because of the nature of the case, which the Herald agreed to do because no suspect has been arrested. “They are being way too quiet, and that is more concerning than anything.”

The jogger — who is a Fort Hood soldier — was at the park when he was approached by a light-colored SUV. A passenger in the vehicle yelled something to the victim, before firing a shot, the victim told police.

According to KPD, the victim ran home and called 911 about 6:30 a.m.

“Upon arrival, they discovered a man with a gunshot wound to his abdomen. He reported that he was jogging in Long Branch Park and had stopped to take a break. According to the victim, a light-colored SUV pulled alongside him and an unknown assailant fired three shots at him, striking him in the abdomen,” KPD said in a news release Sept. 22. “The victim reported that he was able to run to his home nearby and his wife called 911.”

Allyson said the final time the couple spoke to the police about the shooting was Sept. 24. She said police warned her at that time that her husband could be arrested if it was discovered that he had made a false statement regarding the incident.

In the original news release KPD said, “Officers and detectives continued to investigate and were able to determine that the available evidence did not support the victim’s account of the events.”

The release went on to say that “the victim is no longer cooperating with the investigation. Detectives believe there is no credible threat to the public or city parks based on this case.”

Allyson said she has tried to contact the police several times since the incident but has not heard anything back.

“I just assume the case is still open or they would give us back our rifle,” she said.

A .22-caliber rifle was confiscated from the couple’s home by Killeen police during the investigation. Allyson said the weapon was taken without a warrant, and the only reason the couple allowed police to take the rifle was because police were not allowing them back in their home unless the couple gave them the rifle.

The Killeen Police Department said Thursday there was no update available in the case.

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