Rafael Rendon Ozuna

Rafael Rendon Ozuna

One of the clergymen the Austin Diocese recognized this week as credibly accused of sexually abusing minors is currently located in Killeen.

Rafael Rendon Ozuna, 74, was formerly assigned to St. Joseph in Killeen and Our Lady of Guadalupe in Temple. Ozuna was laicized in 2013 and removed from the ministry in 2010. He was a deacon who was born in 1944 and ordained in 2007.

According to the Texas Sex Offender Registry, Ozuna in 2011 was convicted of indecency with a then-8-year-old child by sexual contact. He was sentenced to six years of probation and community supervision, according to the state’s offender registry.

Director of Communications Christian R. González refused comment on when accused priests worked with churches, as well as details of their jobs or their accusations.

The Diocese defines a deacon as men who are already witnessed as leaders in the Church.

“They are called by the Holy Spirit through the Church community, therefore, it is the responsibility of both the man and the community to discern who should be called as deacons to serve the Church,” reads the description published on the website.

Ozuna told Austin TV station KXAN there were no allegations during his tenure at the diocese, and that the only allegation was in 2010 and was unrelated to his position.

Other local accusations

Daniel Joseph Delaney was assigned to Sts. Cyril & Methodius in Granger; St. Joseph in Bryan; and St. Mary in Lampasas. He died in 2008 and was ordained in 1999. He was about 62 years old at the time of his death.

St. Mary staff refused comment on Delaney’s past involvement with the ministry.

James Gallagher was assigned to Our Lady of Lourdes in Gatesville and St. Thomas in Hamilton. Gallagher died in 2005 and was ordained in 1984. He was about 73 years old when he died.

Church staff could not be reached for comment.

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