A video circulating online shows a now-former Ellison High School student involved in the assault Thursday of employees at Best Donut, which is near the school, according to school district officials.

Chief Communications Officer Terry Abbott said the video shows a former student jumped up on the counter inside the shop on Trimmier Road and watched while two of his adult family members crossed the counter and assaulted an employee of the donut shop.

The identities of the accused family members are unknown.

Abbott said it appears no other students were involved in the incident that was recorded and posted to social media Thursday.

The student was suspended and has been withdrawn from the district, and is relocating to another state as previously planned by the family, according to Abbott.

“District officials are working closely with Killeen ISD Police and Killeen Police to support the investigation of this incident,” Abbott said. “We will support the prosecution of anyone involved in this incident to the fullest extent of the law.”

Killeen Police Spokeswoman Ofelia Miramontez confirmed KPD is actively investigating the incident.

“In cooperation with the Killeen Independent School District, Detectives with the Killeen Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division are conducting an investigation,” Miramontez said. | 254-501-7553

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So, Jessica ......yes, some of us are aware that the employee struck the student but the mother then should have called the police and take legal action instead of jumping the counter and becoming criminal as well. We also do not know that took place for this situation to get out of control in the first place. Something happened before it all went down hill and I am sure that "stated student" was clowning and trying to be funny and disrupt the work flow of the shop. Since the donut shop owner is not pressing charges it seems that everyone is at fault. One thing is for sure ... these grown folks leaping over the counter and engaging people in a brawl should be help accountable by the law. Also, in another article I read it was mentioned that "said student" has had multiple incidents of clashing with authorities and hence the removal from school and the area. My question is ... why did he have to take of his shirt? Did someone spill coffee on him ?


Jessica, surely you don't believe what you said here. Apparently, you don't know all the facts, that much is for sure, and your value system is skewed more than just a little bit. ....So, it is ok for two adults to jump over a counter and attack a young lady that is just trying to do her job, and is known by all of the customers at that shop to be friendly, courteous, and helpful, always..followed by the boy that wants to be a show off, taking off his shirt, and trying to act like Mr. Toughguy, which he obviously is not. It is ok to act like that?..Is that what you are really saying? Surely not....Their behavior was just shameful, in all aspects. They have no excuse for that kind icriminal behavior. Period.....I wonder if these toughies would have been so tough if there would have been two big, strong guys behind the counter rather than a small young girl and an older small man, her father? Of course not. ...I always go to that shop, and the man and his daughter have always been polite, helpful, and courteous. I will continue to go to their business, and I hope these three "attackers" will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


What’s the most upsetting about this article is you have to actually watch the video to figure out the full story. Not once is it mentioned in the article that the employee hit the student. You can clearly hear the mother say “you will not put your hands on my child.” Making this article misleading. The child should not have to relocate when all he did was call his mother and tell her what happened. This is America though. I pray for the mother who had to show this side of herself. I know she can’t sleep, probably can’t eat. I know this kind of stress. You work so hard to create a better life for your children then the unimaginable happens; someone at a donut shop assaults your child. I will never eat here again. I pray that no one does.


So that makes it okay to group up and assault somebody? (the answer is no.)
The legal system is there for a reason. I have no sympathy for the mother, a full grown adult who chooses to gang up on a store employee.

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