Prostitution sting

Bell County Maj. T.J. Cruz, left, and Sheriff Eddy Lange on Tuesday, Sept. 5, 2017, discuss the arrests of 20 men as a result of a prostitution sting.

Deborah McKeon/FME News Service

Fort Hood soldiers arrested by the Bell County Sheriff’s Department could also face discipline under military law.

Eleven Fort Hood soldiers were among the 20 men arrested in a two-day prostitution sting operation in Salado and Killeen hotels.

The soldiers range from private to major.

Bell County Sheriff Eddy Lange said Tuesday that 13 of those arrested were active-duty soldiers.

A list of soldiers was provided by Fort Hood Public Affairs, which did not answer questions about what possible consequences the soldiers could face if convicted of the charges against them.

The Fort Hood soldiers are:

* Maj. Donta White, 34, of Harker Heights, 89th Military Police Brigade.

* Warrant Officer Gregory D. Hughes, 34, of Copperas Cove.

* Chief Warrant Officer 2 Ernest Grant, 39, of Killeen.

* Staff Sgt. Natalion Seymour, 38, of Salado.

* Staff Sgt. Kendrick Davis, 27, of Copperas Cove.

* Master Sgt. Stanley L. Ervin, 41, of Killeen.

* Pvt. Xavier Horne, 22, of Fort Hood.

* Pfc. Adrian J. Upshaw, 22, of Killeen.

* Sgt. Carlos Castillo, 33, of Fort Hood.

* Sgt. Michael Culpepper, 36, of Killeen.

* Spc. Jimmie W. Joiner, 23, of Lorena, 3rd Battalion, 227th Aviation Regiment.

The remainder of those arrested and charged with prostitution are Sean Gregory Muselman, 41, of Temple; Christopher Webster, 32, of Temple; David Lamar Hunter, 47, of Killeen; Denzel Renold Clifton, 24, of Cameron; Joseph Anthony Bartolomi, 44, of Killeen; Leonard Grant Slade III, 30, of Killeen; Robert Darryl Lassiter Jr., 33, of North Homestead, Ohio; Dontae Johnson, 35, of Nolanville; and Romelle People, 49, of Waco.

Hunter is retired military from Fort Hood, Lt. Michele Cianci of the Bell County Special Crimes Unit said.

“Allegations such as these are taken seriously as they run counter to Army values,” Tom Rheinlander, director of Fort Hood Public Affairs, said. “As always, we are supportive of local authorities and will cooperate fully. Fort Hood will refrain from commenting further given that this is an ongoing investigation.”

According to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the maximum sentence for being convicted of prostitution or patronizing a prostitute is the forfeiture of all allowances and pay, dishonorable discharge and one year confinement in jail.

Some of the men arrested had previous criminal histories and additional charges like evading arrest or failure to identify as a fugitive were added, Lange said. All of the suspects bonded out with at least a prostitution charge filed.

The Bell County Special Crimes Unit, with the assistance of the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office, placed online ads to reach individuals wanting to pay for sex. The men were arrested as they walked into a hotel room.

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MAJs, W/Os, and MSGTs, oh my. Think with your head, people, not your private parts. Besides with all the FREE stuff out there, why buy it? Beyond that, many of those prostitutes are FORCED to become sex slaves for some pimp who abuses them. Sex, pshaw, waste of good money if you ask me, especially if you get popped by the law, and lose your career over less than 60 seconds of primal lust. I don't like spending my money, my wife says I'm cheap, and I am, I;d rather spend my loot on a some good Irish whiskey, a fine cigar, or a good steak; over some washed up, beat up, tramp!!!!

Jonathan Sparks

Most of the females are doing this because a bullshit petty CRIMINAL record is keeping them from legitimate employment. Most ARE NOT forced into it, they do it to survive. But if you want to believe that this is something other than a total bullshit excuse to get more funding for the police / sheriff , regardless the lives destroyed, then go ahead. Looks like you've had plenty of the Kool aid already.


Just legalize prostitution. It is a legal business in Germany and the ladies pay taxes and are under the constant care of a physician and have to show that they are disease free in order to continue to work. I never understood all this repressed thinking about this. It is being done anyway so might as well accept the fact and get on with life .....


Dozens of recent unsolved crimes but let's do this and make the Sheriff's unit and DA look good.

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