BELTON — A Bell County grand jury indicted a Fort Hood soldier on a murder charge Wednesday for allegedly stabbing his ex-girlfriend to death in August.

The grand jury found enough evidence existed to pursue trial against David Michael Vega, 29. He is suspected of killing his ex-girlfriend Danielle Guerrero-Acosta, 30, with a machete Aug. 17.

The slaying left Guerrero-Acosta’ 6-year-old son motherless. The child was inside the home in the 2400 block of Haven Drive in Killeen when Vega allegedly killed Guerrero-Acosta, but the boy was not injured.

The homicide may have gone undiscovered for days if not for a late night jogger who happened upon the home as the slaying was committed.

About 2:45 a.m., the jogger heard a woman screaming for help, according to court documents. He approached the home and knocked on the door, but got no response. He then went to the house next door and told a resident what he heard.

The two men went back to Guerrero-Acosta’s home and saw a light turn on in a bedroom. The neighbor saw Vega looking down at the floor, according to court documents.

The jogger and the neighbor knocked on the door, and when Vega eventually answered, they saw what appeared to be blood on his face, an arrest affidavit stated.

Vega refused to leave the home, but moments later they heard dogs barking from behind the house. It led the two witnesses to believe Vega had fled out the back door.

When police arrived, they found Guerrero-Acosta dead on the floor of the bedroom. She had numerous lacerations on her body, including a large stab wound to the side of her neck, the affidavit stated. Next to her body was a machete police believe was used to kill her.

It took authorities nearly two months to find Vega.

Police arrested him at a motel in Turlock, Calif., after identifying Vega’s car in the parking lot. He is now in Bell County Jail.

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Whoever wrote the article could have put a littlemore effort into it. It seems like this was just thrown together without the care and effort it deserves.

The little boy was injured, the man tried to kill him...and she wasn't his girlfriend when heattacked andkilled her.
He stalked her for months.

Her story deserves to be told...fairly.

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