A Killeen Independent School District student has been arrested for the second day in a row.

A Harker Heights High School 11th grader was arrested by KISD police today for allegedly making a terroristic threat against other students at the school during class, according to a press release.

The 16-year-old boy was arrested and taken to the Bell County Juvenile Center after a KISD investigation showed the student threatened gun violence against other students.

School and KISD police officials took statements from several students and a teacher during the course of the investigation, according to the release, and when the investigation was completed today, the student was arrested at school and removed from the campus.

“Threats of violence against our students, our teachers, our staff and our facilities will be met with the strongest possible response,” said superintendent John Craft. “We will not allow the safety of our schools to be threatened, and we will aggressively pursue criminal charges against anyone who makes these threats.”

The incident was in no way related to Wednesday's arrest of a 12-year-old Roy J. Smith student, according to chief communication officer Terry Abbott.

Abbott said school leaders are talking directly with students about these issues, and the director of school safety is working to assemble a student, staff and parent focus group to discuss threats against schools.

Harker Heights High School principal Larry Brazzil telephoned parents this afternoon to inform them of the arrest.

In his phone call, principal Brazzil said:

“Parents, this is Larry Brazzil, principal of Harker Heights High School, calling with an important message concerning student safety. A Harker Heights High School 11th grader was arrested on campus today for making verbal threats of gun violence against the school. Killeen ISD Police arrested the student and charged him with making a terroristic threat. He has been removed from campus and placed in the Bell County Juvenile Center and is facing these charges.

“We urge parents to please talk carefully with your children and please report to the school or to law enforcement or appropriate medical authorities any time children express any thoughts about suicide or violence toward anyone, including their fellow students, teachers and administrators,” Brazzil said in the phone call. | 254-501-7553

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I’m sure both kids parents are so proud of them.


As if the 12 year old who was arrested yesterday for the same thing wasn't widely publicized enough; now this future brain surgeon does the same thing. Guess he read about the girl getting arrested and taken to the detention center and thought, "well I just got to get me some of dat!"
Are these kids completely brain dead now days?


This is one way to make schools safer, remove known threats, or those alleged to have made threats from the school by arrest. I know several people employed by KISD as teachers and administrators. The SOP for these events is generally to IGNORE them, along with ALL unlocked doors. In fact, I've seen doors PROPPED open at TWO schools. Maybe the recent tragic event in FL is changing thinking, or is it CYA?

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