By Rebecca Rose

Killeen Daily Herald

HARKER HEIGHTS - The city of Harker Heights will start a two-week warrant roundup today.

Julie Helsham, court administrator for the municipal court in Harker Heights, said the city has 11,000 active warrants.

"These are all class-C misdemeanors, for things like traffic violations (and) speeding," she said. "There's some code-enforcement violations and a few animal-related violations."

Lt. Loretta Fox with the Harker Heights Police Department said 10 of their police officers and two warrant officers will be part of the roundup.

"We assign officers to come in, on their shift," Fox said. "They grab their warrants, mark off districts and start serving."

While the roundup involves citations issued in Harker Heights, police officers will be covering much more ground than that.

Fox said many people who got their tickets in Harker Heights could be living or working in many parts of the county. The officers will be visiting any area where they think a person with a warrant might be.

"It's not just Harker Heights. We go all over, to Cove, Killeen, Temple, Belton," she said. "We go to people's houses, work or to school, if they're students at college."

But there are ways to avoid a trip to Bell County Jail for unpaid tickets.

"We can work out payment plans or give an extension," she said. "They can see a judge to find out if they qualify for community service. They can work it off instead of paying it off.

"We've been calling to let people know the different options they have to avoid being arrested," she said. "We just want them to come in."

Payments can be made over the phone, online or at a kiosk located in the foyer of the Harker Heights Police Department.

To make online payments go to

To speak to a court clerk, call (254) 953-5620. The Harker Heights Police Department is at 402 Indian Trail.

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