James Allen Brickley Jr

James Allen Brickley Jr.

A Bell County jury on Thursday found a Killeen man guilty of raping a woman two and a half years ago.

The trial for James Allen Brickley Jr., 33, started with jury selection on Monday. After further deliberations on Friday, “the jury sentenced him to 35 years in prison,” said Bell County District Attorney Henry Garza on Friday.

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James was falsely accused and convicted. The alledged victim said James had bound her, took her to a wooded location and raped her. There is no evidence that James raped her. The alledged victim had a rape examination and the DNA evidence was “inconclusive” meaning his DNA WAS NOT in her or on her anywhere. The only evidence she had were some marks around her neck and her wrists which could have been self inflicted and a story. The woman also said James punched her in the face between 5-10 times. Her picture from that day only shows a small fever blister on the inside of her lip. Anyone taking 5-10 closed fist punches to the face will be bruised, swollen and cut. The alledged victim’s photos show none of this. Was the knife tested for James DNA, no. Was the panties found in the wood tested for her DNA or James DNA, no. Why would the detectives not test the knife or panties? Were they afraid of exonerating James? Was the tape that she alledged was used to bound her tested for DNA, yes and James DNA WAS NOT on it. Neither was James DNA found on other article of her clothing from that night. But most importantly James DNA was not found in her or on her when the sexual assault professional performed the rape examination on the alledged victim. DNA doesn’t support her story. Forensics do not support her story. The jury only believed the story that the alledged victim told them. Her motives; losing her (and James) child. Yes they have a child together and had consensual sex that morning and had been dating for over six months. Her other motives were financial and just wanting James out of her life. She even stated to a wittness that she was going to “have James put away for good”. Well she got her wish. The jury gave James 35 years.

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