Jeffery Allen Noe

A Killeen man was sentenced last week in the 264th Judicial District Court on two felony charges from last year, an official said on Friday.

Jeffery Allen Noe III, 33, “was sentenced to 3 years in prison on the evading arrest and detention with a vehicle offense. Also, he was sentenced to 5 years in prison for the felony offense of deadly conduct discharge of a firearm,” said Bell County District Attorney Henry Garza.

Noe was arrested on Aug. 15, 2018, after police said he fired two rounds into the air, another through a TV, and two or three more rounds toward another man and then fleeing on a black motorcycle, police said.

Police responded to a domestic disturbance with shots fired call in the 4500 block of Lori Drive, according to the arrest affidavit. Police were told the man had left the scene on a black motorcycle.

An officer located a black motorcycle in the area “driving at a high rate of speed,” police said. The officer attempted to stop the motorcycle, which did not stop.

The driver “traveled at high rates of speed until (the officer) observed (the man) enter a driveway and lay the motorcycle on the ground and fled on foot toward” a fence where the officer was able to apprehend the man, according to the affidavit.

After the man was arrested and identified as Noe, officers returned to the residence on Lori Drive to talk to witnesses.

Two men said they were sitting on the back porch when Noe arrived and asked why one of the men was there. The man said that Noe “pulled a handgun out of his waistband and fired a round into the air and told (the man) he had three minutes to get out and then fired a second round into the air,” police said.

The witness said Noe went inside the house and fired a round that went though the television and through the wall into a bedroom.

The man who had been threatened to leave said he left the house and got into his car. A witness said Noe was standing in the front yard, where he “lifted the handgun and fired it two or three times in” the man’s direction, striking the ground within 15 feet of him.

Officers located bullet casings in the front yard near the driveway, in the living room and on the back porch, as well as a handgun in the motorcycle Noe was driving.

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