UPDATE, 11:25 a.m.: Alexis Woods was arraigned on the manslaughter charge Friday morning by Justice of the Peace Bill Cooke.

Cooke set Woods' bond at $1 million.

Killeen police arrested one of the two drivers in connection with a fatal November crash on Trimmier, according to a Killeen Police Department news release late Thursday.

Alexis Jillian Woods was charged with manslaughter, and arrested without incident at her home in Harker Heights on Thursday, the release stated.

Woods, 17, and Tyrone Floyd Moore Jr., 18, were each indicted Wednesday on a charge of racing on highway causing death, a second-degree felony, the Herald reported Thursday.

Woods is currently in the Killeen City Jail awaiting arraignment on the manslaughter charge, the release stated.

Woods was driving a Chevy Camaro at a high rate of speed on Nov. 13 and broadsided the passenger side of a Ford Taurus, killing Michael Lockett, 60, of Chicago, and Francine Winbush, 66, of Killeen, according to a Texas peace officer’s accident report.

KPD spokeswoman Carroll Smith referred questions on the status of Moore to the district attorney’s office.

The Herald previously reported that Justice of the Peace Bill Cooke originally recommended $1 million bonds for Woods and Moore.

In December, Moore’s bond was lowered to $100,000, and soon after, he was no longer in jail.

Also in December, Woods’ bond was lowered to $150,000 and soon she also was no longer in the Bell County Jail, according to online jail records.

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Parents should protect themselves. If you have a kid that does not conform to society rules-and ends up in non-traditional high-school-DON'T BUY THEM A CAR! All these kids need are tough love, a place to eat, sleep, and go to school. That's what they'll get in jail. Kids don't need designer cars, designer clothes and gifts from their parents. If my kid drove that fast AND killed people-I'd say-"You party-You pay the band." Go to jail, think about your life, and prepare for your future after jail. Be sorry for the family that lost their loved ones and make it up by living your life responsibly and honestly. It is unfortunate-Parents MUST understand their teens risk level behavior and make prudent decisions on what responsibilities they can trust their teen with. Parents also pay for minors grave mistakes (Primary car insurance holder). This is a wake up call for parents and teens. Parents-don't give your teen too much rope-that they hang themselves and you in the process for their stupid behavior. I surely hope the parents of these drivers see this as a second chance for their young adult kids. They are very lucky to be alive and have a chance to do things right from this point forward. I hope the parents don't do more than is required. It's learning time and tough love is needed for these young adults to start taking responsibility for their own lives. Your parents won't be there forever-It's your life, You got to figure it out, be an adult, and make your own life.

Gary Caraway

The 8th amendment to US Constitution states: "Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted." How is a 17 year old supposed to raise the funds for $1 million bail. This is a manslaughter charge, not premeditated murder. I have noticed that some judges in this county don't consider the 8th amendment when they set Excessive bails.


Its sad that these two young people have now destroyed their lives (and their parents lives ) when they decided to have fun At all Risk, the day the 2 innocents were killed , when Woods and Moore used the city streets as a race track..

Its more sad that two innocents had to die that day, due to the dis-regard of the speed laws in the city.

Now lots of money will need to be spent while the parents of these two young people, try to save them from the punishment they must receive for being responsible for taking the elderly man and woman's lives.

Hopefully other parents will use this horrible happening to talk with their own young people about the true responsibly that go with the ownership of a car (which the parents may have bought these two) and the drivers license issued and Owned by the state .
I have already talked with my grandchildren about this incident ,they have promised they would never do anything so foolish as use the city streets as a race track.
I can only take them at their word and hope they never do/.

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